"Thank you for my childhood": Kick streamer Adin Ross met up with iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove at a party

Adin Ross meeting Miranda from iCarly (Image via Sportskeeda and X/@AR15thed3mon)
Adin Ross meeting Miranda from iCarly (Image via Sportskeeda and X/@AR15thed3mon)

Adin Ross is a popular streamer known for his chatting streams on Kick. Despite mostly streaming games and gambling, he occasionally likes to host IRL streams. On December 1, 2023, Adin was seen hanging out with his friends on a stream and later attended a party where he bumped into Miranda Cosgrove, a well-known actress from the hit TV show iCarly. The streamer expressed his admiration and respect for Cosgrove during their meetup.

After the stream, Adin posted a photo with the actress on his alternate X account, @AR15THEDEMON, captioning:

"Nice to meet you @MirandaCosgrove. Thank you for my childhood."

"Wholesome ngl": Fans react to Adin Ross meeting iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove

Adin Ross is a well-known personality often embroiled in controversy. Recently, he made headlines for admitting to manipulating his mother for money and losing millions of dollars while gambling on Kick. During a Chain Fest event, Adin met Miranda Cosgrove, the iCarly star, while he was livestreaming.

[Timestamp: 1:23]

Adin also shared a post about meeting Miranda, with fans quickly flooding in with comments. One labeled the moment as wholesome.

"This is wholesome ngl."

This user reckoned that Adin looked like another character from iCarly called Gibby.

This user questioned Adin's decision to upload the post on his alt account instead of his main one.

Another user recounted Miranda as a part of their childhood.

Popular social media influencer FearBuck also posted on X about Adin Ross and Miranda's meet-up at the party.

One fan replied to this post and felt nostalgic.

Adin, despite losing millions, is known for his generosity towards fans by donating money. The streamer remains one of the most popular entities on Kick, with 819K followers.

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