"The simulation is breaking": Destiny gets the shock of his life after checking Amouranth's Twitch stream

Twitch streamer Destiny lost his mind after watching Amournath's ASMR stream. (Image via Twitch)
Twitch streamer Destiny lost his mind after watching Amournath's ASMR stream. (Image via Twitch)

ASMR streams have been popular on Twitch for a while now and have proved themselves to be really helpful at times. This particular brand of streams has been largely growing popular with up-and-coming streamers, and honestly, many have been doing a good job. However, viewers will often come across some ASMR streams on Twitch which can apparently seem rather weird.

While nearly all of these streams use unconventional methods to produce soothing and relaxing sound effects, only some are effective, while others may come across as a tad bit revolting. Popular Twitch streamer and YouTube personality Steven "Destiny" Bonnel recently came across one such stream by the popular ASMR streamer Amournath, which possibly made him question reality.

The stream shows Amournath wearing a pigeon head and pecking the mic. Now, ASMR is essentially a method of producing relaxing and soothing sounds. It is not clear how a giant pigeon knocking on someone's ears serves the purpose.

This particular clip from Amournath's stream had Destiny questioning everything around him. He says that humans live in a simulation and this is an example of the simulation breaking. To be honest, it kind of seems like the appropriate response to the clip.

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The ASMR Twitch streams seem to have turned into... something else

Over time, ASMR content has come to include streamers who just tapped into the genre for quick likes and money, with Amouranth and Indiefoxx being some of them. While there is complete freedom for content creators to stream whatever they want, it has to be in the appropriate category. Piggybacking the ASMR stream tag for views and popularity makes it difficult for the genuine ones.

The entire Twitch community is largely against this particular brand of pseudo-ASMR streams. As a result, Twitch is dealing with this issue with a certain amount of sternness. Recently, both Indiefoxx and Amournath have faced limited-time bans from the platform.

The Twitch community has mixed views regarding these streams, although most of them are negative.

ASMR is still one of the most popular tags on Twitch and is one of the most helpful ones as well. Hopefully, genuine streamers will get noticed more instead of the ones just looking to use the tag for viewership.

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