5 best streamers who play Minecraft survival

Images compiled via Minecraft and Minecraft Wiki
Images compiled via Minecraft and Minecraft Wiki

Minecraft streamers have some of the most dedicated fan bases out there, thanks to their impressive gameplay. Those who can skillfully play in survival mode are particularly impressive given their ability to stay alive.

The Minecraft community is filled with many talented people, all with a wide array of skills. Some Minecraft players excel in player versus player combat, while others have serious games like bedwars. Some gamers are even expert parkour players. Survival skills take immense mastery.

This list highlights some Minecraft streamers who are multi-talented in terms of survival to the point of increasing fame. These streamers put all of their Minecraft skills to use in survival worlds, whether fighting mobs, making farms, or building beautiful structures.

Some of the best Minecraft survival streamers

5) Tubbo

Image via TwitchTracker
Image via TwitchTracker

If comedy and survival skills are what viewers like to see, Tubbo is sure to deliver.

Known in his Twitter bio as the “birth mother of all good jokes,” Tubbo is one streamer who knows comedy almost as well as he knows survival Minecraft. Tubbo celebrated his third year streaming on Twitch in May of 2021, thanking his 3.8 million Twitch and Twitter followers for their support over the past few years.

He collaborates with many other famous Minecraft streamers and often streams while playing on the famous Dream SMP. The hilarious antics are broadcast a few times a week on Twitch, and some of the highlights even make it to YouTube, where Tubbo has amassed over two million subscribers.

4) Philza

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

Philza is potentially the most interesting story of the rise to Minecraft survival streaming fame.

In a hardcore world of his that had been up and running for over five years, he was slain by a baby zombie. Although this fate is quite upsetting, the sheer length at which Philza's hardcore world was active is incredible. Since then, as per his Twitch bio, he has transitioned to playing Minecraft full time.

Philza’s fame is definitely much deserved as he demonstrates his impressive skill a few days a week on his Twitch channel, which has garnered him over three million followers on the streaming platform. When he’s not streaming, Philza can often be found on YouTube or Twitter, collaborating with other streamers.

3) Hannah Rose

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

With just over a million Twitch followers, the third spot on this list goes to streamer Hannah Rose, who is considered by many to be the best BedWars player there is at the moment. Her skills extend beyond just surviving BedWars as she also demonstrates them streaming survival Minecraft. She is also part of the widely popular Dream SMP.

A portion of Hannah Rose’s fame was earned through her TikTok account, making her stand out from others on this list. Most other streamers found fame through YouTube channels. But Hannah is climbing the charts on YouTube as well, sitting with just above 500k subscribers as of June 2021.

2) SmallAnt

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

Known for his ability to break world record speedruns in almost any game, SmallAnt is a Twitch streamer and Minecraft Youtuber with over 1.5 million subscribers. Though he is mainly famous for his impressive skills in Super Mario Odyssey, SmallAnt shows his speedrunning prowess in many games, including survival Minecraft.

A Minecraft stream by SmallAnt is sure to wow whoever watches. Vanilla Minecraft is not his only strong suit. SmallAnt is also known to take up odd challenges in Minecraft survival. For example, in a recent video where he attempts to speedrun Minecraft with the strange settings that our number one survival streamer used in a speedrun of his own.


1) Dream

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Dream is probably the most well-known and maybe the most controversial Minecraft streamer on the internet right now. Made famous for his incredible skills in Minecraft player vs player and record-breaking livestreams. Many players aspire to be at Dream's skill level.

Despite recent scandals, including one involving cheating on the world record speedrun of Minecraft that he completed, Dream still manages to stay in the public eye. This could be due to his massive loyal fanbase of over four million followers on Twitch and over 23 million subscribers on YouTube. This impressive number marks Dream as one of the most successful survival Minecraft players ever.

Dream’s signature skills aren’t the only reason why he’s so popular. He also collaborates with many of his friends, earning them the “The Dream Team” tag. Dream is known to keep his cool in stressful survival situations, like during his manhunt videos. But he is no stranger to silly, overactive fun with his buddies.

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