"They're f**king lazy" - xQc calls out Adin Ross' SSB crew for not being active enough and supposedly bringing Kick streamer down

xQc calls out SSB members for not reciprocating the same energy that Adin Ross brings (Image via Kick/xQc and Adin Ross)
xQc calls out SSB members for not reciprocating the same energy that Adin Ross brings (Image via Kick/xQc and Adin Ross)

Twitch and Kick streamer Felix "xQc" went live on his stream today (April 16) to criticize fellow Kick streamer and co-owner Adin Ross' streamer collective known as SSB (Stacy's Step Bros). For those unaware, SSB is a group of Kick streamers who frequently collaborate with Adin Ross, including members such as Cameron "Cuffem," Nermin "Cheesur," Steven "Konvy," Shnaggyhose, and Izi Prime.

Within the SSB fan community, there's a prevailing belief that some of these streamers aren't consistently active despite Adin providing them with a platform and exposure. Interestingly, xQc also shared a similar viewpoint today, labeling them as "lazy."

He said:

"They're f**king lazy."

xQc fires shots at Adin Ross' Kick streamer group SSB

Earlier today, xQc used his stream to express frustration towards the Kick streamers affiliated with Adin Ross' SSB group. These streamers have gained prominence over the past year or so, largely thanks to Adin's support and exposure.

xQc, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the work ethic of these streamers. During his latest stream, he remarked:

"I just wish that SSB was that for him (reciprocate the same energy that Adin has for them). 'Cause as the captain of the ship, he (Adin) is that for them and I wish they did that for him more because they are f**king lazy, a lot of them just want to hang out and do nothing and it's gonna be taxing. I know it's taxing."

He suggested members within the SSB group should start reciprocating the same energy that Adin brings to the table:

"So, if I can be that, every once in a while, every f**king two weeks, every month one time, we can do that for one another, with the bounce of energy, the energy radiates back on the stream by myself because I feel like there's back and forth somewhere in the world close to me."

He further explained his situation when he was living in Canada (also his home country) a few weeks ago, stating:

"When I was in Canada and I was by myself, I wasn't getting that (the energy) anywhere. It was just me. There was nothing echoing."

xQc is currently residing in Miami after being invited by Adin himself. The duo has already conducted a couple of streams together, both on desktop and in real life. Felix has indicated that he plans to stay in Miami for the time being, suggesting that more streams together are on the horizon.

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Edited by Anirudh Padmanabhan
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