"This is to force people to play Overwatch 2": Community isn't happy with Blizzard shutting down the first game

The first game will be shut down by Blizzard on October 2 (Image via Blizzard)
The first game will be shut down by Blizzard on October 2 (Image via Blizzard)

Blizzard made a major decision regarding Overwatch a few days back - the first game will be shut down. As Overwatch 2's release date comes closer, it's expected that many players will be playing the sequel, especially since it's free-to-play.

However, many hadn't foreseen that the first game would be closed down permanently. There's a 27-hour gap between terminating the first game's service and the second one becoming active.

Naturally, the community has reacted since the news broke out. While some expressed themselves from a nostalgic point of view, others were just puzzled about it. After all, the first game costs money, and some have spent on different cosmetic items as well.

@GoNintendoTweet I assume this is to force people to play overwatch 2

Moreover, there are key differences between the two games despite their similarities. This led the community to respond and express their thoughts on social media. Since the decision broke out, there have been plenty of reactions.

News of Overwatch shutting down is puzzling the community

There are plenty of video game series in which different editions work parallelly. However, Blizzard feels that the second game can only succeed after the first is shut down. Fans have been expecting the move for a long time now, but they're finally expressing themselves now that it's happening.

For many, Blizzard's decision is problematic in several ways. One enthusiast feels that Blizzard has made a stupid judgment call, and it would have been nicer to have two games that aren't entirely copies of each other.

@GoNintendoTweet Kinda stupid when there is people who still like Overwatch 1. Overwatch 2 is good and all but wouldn't it be cool to have another version of the game with some small differences?

Another fan appreciated the fact in a sarcastic way that Nintendo didn't kill Splatoon 2 after release of the third installment.

@GoNintendoTweet At least Nintendo didn’t immediately shut down Splatoon 2’s servers when 3 launched recently.

The ongoing charges of sexual misconduct against Activision Blzzard came up once more as one Twitter user criticized the closing down of the first game. They feel that it's quite unfair for players to lose access to a product they paid for in full.

@GoNintendoTweet So now your game you paid full price for can’t be played and you have to pay full price again to a company facing widespread sexual harassment lawsuits to play a barely upgraded or different version of that game.Okay.

For some, Overwatch holds a really special place due to all the memories they have made, which has now made them sad as the game's going to close down very soon.

@GoNintendoTweet Wait, whatttt? Damn.I only ever got into this game because of someone else, but I had some good memories and was thinking of getting back into it soon. But if it's going down in a few weeks, when I have no access to internet... I guess that's it for me. That blows.

Another Twitter user gave an example of Call of Duty Black Ops II, which can still be played, despite several games being released in the series. The user doesn't see the logic in discontinuing one title because of its sequel being released.

@GoNintendoTweet I can literally boot up my copy of Black Ops II on the freakin Wii U and still get matches. The hell is Blizzard’s excuse to shut down and online only game just cause a sequel is coming out?

For one fan, the closure of Overwatch shouldn't be the biggest talking point. In fact, Blizzard's failure to capitalize on the franchise's potential should be treated as a catastrophic blunder.

A lot will be written about the decline of Overwatch as the original game gets shut down next month but what doesn't get talked about enough is how Blizzard completely failed to capitalize on the franchise's popularity by expanding it outside of the core game.

The biggest issue seems to be the simple fact that players will lose access to a game after just five years of acquiring it at full price, and there's nothing they can do about it.

overwatch being shut down is so. imagine buying a video game for full price $60. getting a physical copy of it. and then u just can't play it ever again

While it might be a bit of a far-fetched conspiracy theory at this point, one person believes that this is just Blizzard's ploy to release a special edition of the game in the future.

Heed my words! Overwatch being shutdown is just a scheme so Blizzard can release, "Overwatch Classic" 3-5 years from now.

It appears that Blizzard is migrating the servers from the first game to the second one. However, there's still some points to be made since the second title won't be the same one as the first. Not only are there possible changes in the gameplay, but Blizzard seems to have already taken some predatory tactics with the free-to-play title.

Additionally, Overwatch 2 will also have mechanics like heroes in Battle Passes, which are quite different from it was in the first title. While the sequel might be free-to-play, it doesn't necessarily mean that fans will prefer it. This has become more valid as players haven't asked for the original title to be closed down.

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