"This had nothing to do with gambling" - Trainwreckstv slams Twitch for gambling ban; says it was targeted at him

Trainwreckstv claims that Twitch had targeted him (Image via Twitch)
Trainwreckstv claims that Twitch had targeted him (Image via Twitch)

Popular slots streamer Tyler "Trainwreckstv" has taken to his Twitch stream to criticize the platform for its recent gambling stream policies. For those unaware, the Amazon-owned platform has seemingly banned full-fledged gambling-sponsored streams following a number of outcries. The uproar occurred after a streamer named ItsSliker was found swindling thousands of dollars from several individuals to fund his sports gambling addiction.

However, Tyler believes that there is more to the story. According to the 31-year-old streamer, Twitch de-platformed gambling streams due to him. In his most recent stream, he explained:

"This had nothing to do with gambling."

Trainwreckstv claims that he was targeted by Twitch for his enormous gambling contract

Streamer-cum-gambler Trainwreckstv has made the controversial statement after claiming to have been singled-out by Twitch due to his position on the platform. In a stream uploaded today, he said:

"You know these virtue signaling mother f**kers that are real loud, you know what I'm saying? I'm telling you like, you can call me delusional, call me crazy, but I'm telling, this has nothing to do with gambling, this has to do with Trainwreckstv. No f**king bullsh*t!"

Here, virtue signalers are most likely implied towards the likes of Mizkif, who was among the major streamers to have raised his voice against gambling following the ItsSliker controversy.


Tyler further alluded to the enormous contract that he has been on over the past year or so. A recent clip of him revealing to have earned $360 million over the last 16 months went viral recently. Speaking about it, he said:

"I think my post about 360 (million), the clip on Poke's stream, the 360 million, I think that proves that. You know what I'm saying? It's like, if all of your arguments are consistent, in my opinion, this is my opinion, if all your arguments are consistent with it just being a gambling thing, right, why the f**k does what I make, or my contract or whatever the f**k, why does that (matter)..."

He concluded his statement by expressing his bafflement at the sudden switch in focus from Twitch's side. He said:

"It's super weird to me, super, super weird."

Trainwreckstv's comments received quite a few reactions on Reddit

The clip found its way to the popular subreddit r/LivestreamFail, which garnered a lot of comments. Upon hearing Tyler's statement, fans were largely divided in their opinions.

Trainwreckstv remains among the few major streamers who have criticized Twitch's decision to de-platform gambling sponsored streams.

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