Tohma in Genshin Impact: New renders and everything known so far

Tohma in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)
Tohma in Genshin Impact (Image via lumie_lumie)

Tohma or Thoma in Genshin Impact is an unreleased character from Inazuma who has shown up several times in leaks. While not much is known about him currently, he has some information in the files of Genshin Impact that have been explored.

Players will likely not meet this character until setting foot in Inazuma, but he will have relevance to the upcoming storyline in the land of Electro. Players can learn more about this upcoming Pyro character here, and see some early renders of what he may look like when he releases in Genshin Impact.

Tohma in Genshin Impact:

Thoma has been found in the files of Genshin Impact and it seems like his name will be changing from Tohma to Thoma for the time being. He has made an appearance in the story of Inazuma as an NPC and has ties to Ayaka.

Ayaka asks Thoma for her umbrella as one of her voicelines, and also refers to his silly nature when he shoves an entire cake into his mouth only to spit it out when it is too bitter.

He seems to be an easygoing character with a cool head, though his Pyro vision may indicate otherwise. Players will have to wait to meet him when they enter the land of Electro later this year.

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What will Tohma be like in game:

While weapon types are subject to change during the beta, Thoma currently has been listed as a Pyro Spear character. His star rating is unknown but he has been rumored to be a 4-star character as well.

With a Pyro vision and the spear type weapon, Tohma may operate similar to Xiangling, though he may be a more offensive spear user. There have already been two Pyro spear users in the game prior - Xiangling and Hu Tao, and players will have to look to them as references for Thoma's gameplay.

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Not too much is known about Tohma or Thoma yet, but more will arrive soon, once Genshin Impact's beta shifts to the next stage. Players have almost arrived in Inazuma, and info about these new characters will begin to be leaked soon.

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