Trainwreckstv announces his first-ever livestream on Kick, claims he has to get things "somewhat optimized"

Trainwreckstv set to make his Kick debut (Image via Sportskeeda)
Trainwreckstv set to make his Kick debut (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular slots streamer Tyler "Trainwreckstv" took to his Twitter account to clarify his association with the recently launched Kick, the latest streaming platform in town.

Earlier today, Tyler shared a Twitlonger post detailing his role with the platform. In his post, the streamer stated that he joined Kick as a "non-owner advisor" and "non-exclusive broadcaster."

In light of the announcement, he claimed he needs the platform to be "somewhat optimized" before making his debut stream. He posted:

Trainwreckstv to go live on Twitch for the last time?

Trainwreckstv has announced that he will most definitely be joining Kick due to several reasons. However, he expressed his wish to wait a little longer before making his first livestream on the platform.

Before making his Kick debut, Tyler said he would go live at around 3 pm PST (5 am IST), possibly to discuss his switch. He stated:

"be live at 330PM PST first on twitch, then on"

Whether it will be his last stream on Twitch is not yet known. In his Twitlonger post, Trainwreckstv mentioned that he would be streaming non-exclusively on Kick, which means he is free to stream on other platforms.

Fans have already shared a host of reactions to his latest tweet. Here are some of the notable ones:

For those wondering, the Amazon-owned platform allows Twitch partners to stream on separate websites, just not concurrently.

Tyler also made an earlier tweet regarding Kick. He urged fans to remain patient, as the dev team was working on various bug issues on the platform. He posted:

"please be patient with everything, i am advising them to get all the integrations needed situated asap"

What are the problems faced by Kick users?

Since the website is still in development, several bugs and glitches have appeared. Fans have taken to Tyler's tweets to express their issues. Here are some of the complaints that fans have put forward:

Trainwreckstv has responded to most entreaties so far, claiming that the website is working on fixing the issues.

It should be noted that upon entering the website, one can see that Kick is still in its "Beta" stage. This simply means that further changes and fixes are expected in the coming weeks.

With Kick now up and running, engagement with the platform is at an all-time high. To read more about the platform, click here.

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