What is Kick? Everything you need to know about Trainwreckstv-backed livestreaming platform

Trainwreckstv announced a new livestreaming platform called Kick on December 6, 2022 (Image via KickStreaming/Twitter)
Trainwreckstv announced a new livestreaming platform called Kick on December 6, 2022 (Image via KickStreaming/Twitter)

On December 6, 2022, Twitch sensation Tyler "Trainwreckstv" took the internet by storm by announcing Kick, a new livestreaming platform. He also revealed that he is joining it as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive streamer.

The Iranian-American personality provided detailed information about the platform in a 1,107-word TwitLonger update. Some of its most distinctive and notable features include a 95% to 5% subscriber revenue split, 100% platform tips for streamers, and "fair TOS (terms of service)" for content creators.

A deep dive into what Kick offers and what makes it stand apart from Twitch

The announcement began with Trainwreckstv sharing his thoughts on Twitch, claiming that the Amazon-owned platform has deemed content creators "irrelevant." He then brought up its controversial revenue system, which gives streamers a 50/50 subscription revenue split.

The streamer criticized Twitch, claiming that its only role is that of a "website host" who offers no discovery or marketing for content creators. He stated:

"Twitch does nearly no marketing for streamers, no discovery, and limited help in building their business. Those streamers only succeed from the blood, sweat, and time they put in themselves. Twitch’s only role is as a website host. Given their contribution, it is absurd that they take 50% of our income."

In the next section of the TwitLonger post, Trainwrecktstv announced Twitch's competitor, Kick, and revealed that he would be a "non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster."

After explaining why he chose to work with the platform, the slots and gambling streamer listed some of its most distinguishing features. He began by stating that everyone will receive a subscriber button and that streamers will receive 95% of subscription revenue:

"Everyone gets a sub button. 95%-5% subscriber split with 95% of all subscriber income going to the streamer."

Trainwreckstv also mentioned that the platform will have a tipping system and that streamers will be able to withdraw funds on the same day:

"100% of all tips made on Kick, called "kicks", will go to the streamer. Same day withdrawal."

How does the Trainwrecks-backed platform favor content creators?

Trainwreckstv discussed Kick's "exclusive creator program," which would allow streamers to earn a "steady income" based on their watch hours and viewer count:

"An innovative new exclusive creator program that will pay our partners for their stream's success. This program works like no partner program before. You won't have to rely on your subscriber count alone every month. You'll get a steady income based on hours watched and total viewers you stream to with an option to be paid out on the same day."

He also revealed the platform's Terms of Service, claiming that there will be no "ambiguous bans:"

"A TOS designed to be fair to streamers with clear rules on what’s okay and not okay. No ambiguous bans. Kick’s current TOS will be completely updated. The new TOS will include rules governing ethical gambling. Fill balances must be disclosed."

The 31-year-old went on to say that there would be "no lying" regarding gambling-related broadcasts:

"No wager-locked giveaways, no code-locked giveaways, and no lying to audiences regarding the reality of gambling’s losing nature."

Trainwreckstv concluded the announcement by asking the community and streamers to give Kick at least a year to develop. He also said the platform is "non-exclusive" and that if content creators want to pursue exclusivity, the creator program will provide additional paid options.