Twitch changes moderation policies for adult content, lifting the ban on twerking and artistic nudity

Twitch has a new S*xual content policy (Image via Twitch)
Twitch has a new S*xual content policy (Image via Twitch)

With a new update to its terms of service, Twitch has introduced some drastic changes to its policies regarding s*xual and adult material. This type of content has been very hotly debated recently, especially after the so-called "topless-meta" went viral on social media, with critics calling on the Amazon-owned company to better moderate its content.

In response, Twitch has come out with a more streamlined policy on adult content aimed to help creators adhere to the new rules. By introducing fresh labels, the platform has essentially increased the amount of adult content permissible on it. This has ensured twerking and nudity for artistic purposes are no longer bannable offenses.

Everything you need to know about Twitch's new s*xual content policy and the new adult content CCL

The new adult content policy essentially permits streamers to produce more s*xual content than before, but only if they adhere to certain guidelines — such as using the proper S*xual Theme CCL (Content Classification Label).

CCLs were introduced earlier this year and serve to restrict content that is unsuitable for all audiences by asking for explicit consent from the user before displaying the livestream.

The official blog post mentioning Twitch's s*xual policy changes also states that this platform will remove all adult content, including gambling, from the home page recommendations.

This move has been welcomed by many, including top content creators such as Asmongold and CohhCarnage, who reacted positively to it on X, formerly Twitter.

As for the actual changes to the adult content policy, here are the things that streamers are allowed to do with appropriate CCL tags that would have gotten them banned before:

  1. The fully clothed s*xually suggestive content policy has been revamped, now allowing content that highlights clothed breasts, buttocks, and the pelvic region.
  2. Artistic or fictionalized renditions of genitalia and female presenting breasts are now allowed.
  3. Body writing on female-presenting breasts and buttocks regardless of gender as long as attire requirements are met.
  4. Erotic dances, including strip teases.

Furthermore, twerking, grinding, and pole dances are now permissible without any S*xual Theme CCL label that bars certain contextual conditions.

Nudity in games and what happens if you mislabel your stream

As for the changes in video game nudity policies, titles that have s*xual content as their core feature or main focus of gameplay are still strictly banned on this platform.

For video games that have incidental nudity, the Mature-rated Games CCL should suffice. However, those that have a substantial amount of explicit content should have the S*xual Theme CCL applied.

For the streamers worried about mislabeling their broadcasts, Twitch will send warnings regarding the topic if their content does not have the right label. The administrators also reserve the right to change the CCL of your stream and subsequently lock your broadcast to a certain label if there are repeated offenses. However, mislabeling your stream will not result in a ban, according to Twitch.