Twitch and Kick streamer Trainwreckstv wins $10,000,000 in an insane gamble, leaves online community shocked

Trainwreckstv wins big during gambling stream (Image via Twitter)
Trainwreckstv wins big during gambling stream (Image via Twitter)

Twitch streamer and Kick co-owner, Tyler "Trainwreckstv," has once again ventured into gambling streams and remarkably secured a staggering $10 million during a recent live stream on Kick. It's worth noting that he played a Slots game on (an online gambling site), which also funds his streaming platform.

Tyler has a history of achieving big gambling victories during his streaming sessions. His most recent one involved a precise sum of $9.9 million while playing a slots game named "Wanted: Dead or Wild" on This particular game features a layout of five reels and five columns, forming a grid with 15 fixed pay lines.

"I knew it was coming" - Trainwreckstv celebrates big win as streamer bags almost $10 million

Trainwreckstv stands out as one of the prominent streamers associated with gambling content. During his earlier days on Twitch, he used to broadcast from the same platform. However, due to Twitch's prohibition of content, he has since shifted his content to Kick.

In his recent streaming session, Trainwreckstv has already achieved substantial earnings, as he managed to amass nearly $10 million while playing in the slots game. Reacting to his win, he exclaimed:

"I got the full screen! I got the full screen! I got the full screen! Oh my god! I got the full screen! We'll take a five (5x), I don't care. It's min (minimum) win, but we'll take it. We got the full screen, we just asked for it. Oh my god! what is this? 10 mil!"

He went on to add:

"I knew it was coming. Listen, I am a delusional sick f**k but I knew it was coming. Guys, it came. It came. It f**king came. Oh my god!"

While his recent win is impressive, it doesn't come close to his record-breaking achievement. In April 2022, Trainwreckstv made Twitch history by winning a massive $22.5 million playing the "Might of Ra" slots game on

What the fans said

The clip from his recent gambling stream sparked mixed reactions, with many raising doubts about the legitimacy of the win. This skepticism stems from the fact that Tyler is associated with Kick, a platform funded and owned by Here are some of the notable reactions made online:

Trainwreckstv wasn't the only Kick streamer delving into gambling content on the platform. Popular streamer Felix "xQc" was also seen streaming slots during a recent broadcast on his channel.

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