"Surely this is real" - xQc winning over $550,000 during his Kick gambling livestream leaves fans divided

xQc managed to win over $500,000 during his first Stake sponsored gambling livestream, fans react (Image via xQc/Kick)
xQc managed to win over $500,000 during his first Stake sponsored gambling livestream, fans react (Image via xQc/Kick)

Prominent internet personality Felix "xQc" has once again returned to gambling on his livestreams. He hosted a Stake-sponsored Kick broadcast earlier today (August 16, 2023), and numerous clips from it have garnered attention on social media platforms. One particular moment has gone viral on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, in which the French-Canadian won over $500,000 while playing slots.

With over 390 community members weighing in on the situation, Redditor u/CreativeDraft sarcastically commented that the streamer's gambling win was "real." They wrote:

"Surely this is real :)."

"Totally legit, guys" - Fans voice their skepticism as xQc wins over $553,150 during his first-ever Stake sponsored livestream on Kick

The former Overwatch pro was playing the Razor Returns slot on Stake when he hit a string of multipliers. When everything was added up, he went from winning $2,000 to a whopping $553,150. His starting balance was $411,741, and after the winnings were credited, he had accumulated $964,891.

As mentioned earlier, xQc's clip has received a lot of attention on the streamer-focused subreddit. Redditor u/xenoz2020's comment received over 1,700 upvotes, in which they joked that anyone could win so much money gambling:

According to one fan, it would take 10,000 people spending $10,000 for Kick to recoup the $100 million they paid for xQc's two-year, non-exclusive contract:

Redditor u/Leading-Primary2313 expressed skepticism at the 27-year-old's gambling win:

"Unregulated crypto casino shows xQc hitting an 11,000x win minutes after he starts gambling. Totally legit, guys."

Another community member claimed to have watched Felix's livestream and stated that he won approximately 22 times the amount he paid. They went on to say that the content creator's winnings would be equivalent to a person spending $50 on a spin and winning $1,100:

Meanwhile, u/Ixzander recalled controversial Kick streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon" hosting gambling-related content during his IRL broadcasts in Nepal. They added:

"It was hilarious how he got a big jackpot, then brought one of his orbiters over and told him, "Don't worry, we'll do a gambling stream and who knows... you might win big too," and they did. He did it with, like, three people to help them fund their trips, Stake isn't even trying to hide it."

Here are some more pertinent reactions:

xQc has a long history of gambling, having streamed under this category 86 times on Twitch. He recently returned to his home country of Canada, prompting members of the streaming community to speculate that he would resume hosting gambling-related content sooner or later.

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