Twitch star Ibai reveals degenerative eye problem that "might make him blind"

Ibai reveals eye condition that may make him blind (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ibai reveals eye condition that may make him blind (Image via Sportskeeda)

Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea took to his live broadcast to make a revelation. In a stream uploaded yesterday (January 10), the streamer revealed that he might lose his vision after being diagnosed with "degenerative" eye disease.

In his stream yesterday, the Spanish creator explained that the medical representative he was consulting with informed him that he may contract the same in his right, which could be detrimental to his vision due to developing the disease in his left eye.

Ibai reveals details of degenerative eye condition, says he may lose his eyesight

Spanish streamer Ibai provided a major health update on his latest stream, leaving the gaming community worried. Speaking to his chat, the 27-year-old revealed that the doctors gave him depressing news regarding his eyes. He said (translated to English):

"There is a problem in my left eye and I got some news, well, I got a message, from the professionals that treat me, telling me that I might go blind."

(Timestamp: 00:40:31)

He added that both of his eyes could end up being damaged. He stated:

"This was really funny four days ago, the fact that there are high chances of me going blind because apparently if I have a degenerative problem in my left eye, my right eye will end up with the same problem."

The Spanish content creator also stated that he is currently suffering vision problems in his left eye but believes that if he continues to use a sleep apnea machine, he may be able to save the other eye.

The machine he is referring to is believed to be CPAP. For those unaware, CPAP machines treat sleep apnea by forcing oxygenated air into your air passages via a mask and a pipe.

Fans share their reaction to the streamer's health update

The clip was quickly shared across the internet, including on the popular live-streaming subreddit r/LivestreamFail. Fans expressed their concerns and compassionate messages to the streamer under the LSF post. Here are some relevant comments:

Some Redditors shared their technical knowledge on the condition as well:

Fans continued to share their condolences and good wishes:

Ibai is often regarded as one of the prime Spanish streamers. Presently, three of the top four most followed Twitch streamers are Spanish-speaking content creators. With 12.3 million followers, Ibai is the fourth-most-followed Twitch streamer and third-most popular streamer among Spanish speakers.