Twitch streamer breaks down due to Twitch's 50/50 revenue policy, incites debate amongst fans

Streamer speaks out against Twitch
A streamer recently speaks out against Twitch's revenue system (Image via Twitter)

Social media personality and YouTuber reporter Daniel "Keemstar" took to his Twitter account to share a clip of a female Twitch streamer who was in tears due to Twitch's revenue policy. While many sympathized with her, others remained objective and stated that Twitch barely makes many profit, justifying the platform's payout system.

For those unaware, in October 2022, Twitch implemented modifications to its earnings structure whereby a regular subscription to a Twitch channel is priced at $5, and the revenue distribution default setting is currently evenly split at 50% for the platform and 50% for the streamer. The revenue share arrangement of 70/30 for certain streamers will be limited to their first $100,000 of subscription earnings, according to the revised policy.

What did the Twitch streamer say regarding the platform's revenue policy?

Ever since the updated revenue system was implemented in October 2022, Twitch has faced heavy criticism for the platform's inadequate support towards content creators. Many community members voiced their concerns and grievances about the negative impact that this change has had on their ability to earn a sustainable income and grow their channels.

In the viral video clip shared by Keemstar, the Twitch streamer says:

"How about Twitch doesn't take half the money you guys give me? Am I being unreasonable? Type '1' in the chat if you think I'm being unreasonable, '2' in the chat if you think this is a fair argument."

She continued:

"Here's the thing, guys, and I'm sorry you have to hear this, I'm sorry I even have to have this conversation on my channel, cause you guys shouldn't have to hear this, you guys pay me enough."

At this point, the Twitch streamer was clearly emotive:

"You pay me more than enough to be here, like more than enough. It's not you guys, it's literally not you. And yet here I am, I have to tell you like how I'm getting half my money taken by Twitch."

Community reactions to the clip

The Twitch streamer's emotional reaction provoked a multitude of opinions from the streaming community. Here are some of the relevant ones:

Some mentioned how streamers enjoy a far more lucrative deal:

In contrast to Twitch's 50/50 split of the subscription revenue, Kick allows its streamers to retain a whopping 95% of their subscriptions. This has encouraged several big-name streamers, including Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf, to livestream on Kick instead. Additionally, the newer platform offers 100% of the tips to the streamers, making it a far more profitable contract.

To learn more about the payout system for the new platform, click here.