Twitch streamer HAchubby is left in shock by xQc’s bald look

HAchubby is stunned after having a look at bald xQc (Images via HAchubby/Twitch)
HAchubby is stunned after having a look at bald xQc (Images via HAchubby/Twitch)

South Korean Twitch streamer and YouTuber HAchubby was left in shock after she started messing around with a face filtering application. She had put the bald filter on Félix “xQc" Lengyel, one of the most famous streamers on the purple platform, and had to take a step back to let the visual soak in.

The 32-year-old Korean streamer had no idea what to expect when her Twitch chat suggested that she try the bald filter on the former Overwatch professional.

"Go bald?"

HAchubby experiments with the face filtering application and is left stunned

The Twitch streamer had been streaming on February 19, 2022, where she planned on doing a variety of things for her Twitch audience. She planned to learn English with the help of other content creators on the platform, do voice impressions and try out the face filtering application.

As she opened up the face filter application in the first half of the stream, the Korean streamer decided to use xQc as a subject for her experiments. She used, what was according to her, the most hilarious image that she could find of the former Overwatch professional.

Trying out the different types of filters, she changed xQc’s facial expressions, his beard before moving on to filtering out his signature long blonde hair. She said:

“Hair is not perfect right now.”

She selected a few from an array of long hairstyles and embedded it onto xQc’s original hair. She then moved on to putting smaller haircuts as a filter:

“Oh cut! Oh no.

Many viewers of her chat started to spam her by telling her to try the bald filter. As soon as the bald version of xQc popped up, HAchubby went into a few seconds of shock and started to laugh hysterically. She then promptly moved on to try other hairstyles as she said:

“This is cute. This is cute!”

After some permutations and combinations with xQc’s image, the streamer modulated the British streamer Zoil’s face later in the stream.

Fans react to HAchubby experimenting with face filtering application

The audience on Reddit had a good laugh reacting to the Korean streamer’s way with the filtering app.

Fans also compared bald xQc’s look to Australian mathematician and comedian Matt Parker. Some also mentioned how unexpectedly good xQc looked in his bald look.

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