Twitch streamer HasanAbi gets banned from platform, fans go crazy

Twitch bans HasanAbi following copyright strike (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch bans HasanAbi following copyright strike (Image via Sportskeeda)

"HasanAbi" Piker, Twitch's resident political and social commentator, has been banned from the platform following a TOS violation. He was hit with a copyright strike when reacting to an episode from

According to popular suspension-tracker bot StreamerBans, this is the streamer's fourth ban from the Amazon-owned platform.

HasanAbi was reacting to and vehemently criticizing a Censored.TV episode about Ye (formerly Kanye West) following his "I like Hitler" remark and anti-Semitic posts online. His stream was DMCA'd after the copyright claim was filed against him.

HasanAbi's Twitch account banned for 48 hours

With the politically charged Georgia Senate runoff taking place today, HasanAbi's stream had quite a lot of viewers when the channel was struck with the ban. Many fans had been waiting for the stream, considering it was a contentious election day.

According to e-mail screenshots shared by the Turkish-American personality, Twitch has slapped him with a copyright strike and a 48-hour ban at the request of the CTO of

Part of the e-mail reads:

"As a result of this notification, the accused content and archives of that content have been removed from Twitch, Your account has been suspended for 48 hours and has also been issued a copyright strike. You now have 1 copyright strike on your channel."

Twitter reactions

Understandably, many fans are up in arms following the ban, flooding Twitter and other social media websites with reactions.

The streamer has since stoked the fires on Twitter by accusing of hypocrisy for striking his channel while advocating for free speech.

Here are some of the reactions to the ban:

Hasan Piker is a leading content creator on Twitch. He was even named the best news creator at this year's Streamy Awards organized by YouTube. With over 2.2 million followers on the purple platform and an average concurrent viewership of 35,000, his channel is quite popular.