Twitch streamer TheDanDangler who demanded “sick days” while banned for DMCA has been banned yet again

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler is handed another ban on Twitch (Images via TheDanDangler/Twitter)
Twitch streamer TheDanDangler is handed another ban on Twitch (Images via TheDanDangler/Twitter)

American Twitch streamer Danyell “TheDanDangler” has yet again been banned from the streaming platform. She was last banned on January 12, 2022 after her channel was struck by DMCA regulations.

The streamer got banned yet again on February 18, four days after getting unbanned, due to her outfit. She hopped onto Twitter almost immediately after her ban and compared her outfit to various other female streamers on the platform.

Just got a ban on twitch for this outfit… meanwhile…..

TheDanDangler gets banned on Twitch four days after being unbanned

DanDangler has been banned twice on Twitch already. Her third ban will result in a permanent deletion of her account, according to the platform’s Terms of Service (ToS). After being notified by Twitch of her most recent suspension, the streamer made a thread on Twitter where she was trying to appeal her recent suspension.

She started posting about the number of female Twitch streamers and compared her attire to them. To to get her channel unbanned as quickly as possible, she contacted Twitch support staff via Twitter. The review from Twitch’s side got denied and her channel was then threatened to be deleted

@Twitch can we please handle this. How did my review get denied. and now my account is in threat of being deleted?

In the following tweets, the streamer clarified that she was not trying to throw other female streamers under the bus. According to her, she was trying to show the bias which is prevalent on the platform by gathering evidence and posting it on social media.

ill only say this one time. im not trying to get anyone banned. im simply showing the bias twitch has. some streamers can do what they want and others cant. whats that about??

The content creator made headlines back when she was banned from the platform. During the suspension period, Danyell asked Twitch for “sick days” as she was down with COVID and had $4,000 racked up as hospital bills. She was banned during the “react” meta as she watched and reacted to the TV series "Forged in Fire".

❌ Twitch Partner "TheDanDangler" has been banned! ❌…#twitch #ban #secondban #partner #twitchpartner ➡

Fans react to TheDanDangler’s recent ban on Twitch

Fans on Reddit were surprised to see how fast the streamer got banned once again. Some people tried to reason behind her ban, while others made fun of her.

The streamer has been handed a twenty-four hour suspension after she repeatedly appealed to the platform’s moderation staff. If she somehow manages to get banned once more, it will be her third violation, which would result in a permanent suspension from the platform.

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