How many times has Pokimane been banned from Twitch?

Pokimane has been banned once on Twitch (Images via Pokimane/Twitter)
Pokimane has been banned once on Twitch (Images via Pokimane/Twitter)
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Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers and content creators on the Purple Platform: Twitch. She’s been streaming on the platform since 2013, which makes her presence on the platform almost nine years long as of 2022.

Ever since her streaming career’s inception, the Twitch superstar has been caught up in many controversies and dramas, which may have resulted in a ban or suspension. As of 2022, the streamer has only been banned once.

Pokimane has been banned only once on Twitch

Pokimane was struck with a DMCA strike on her main Twitch channel on January 8, 2022. The Twitter account and website "StreamerBans," which tracks streamers' ban status, notified the audience about her ban.

It was the only suspension she has ever received and was a 48-hour-long ban. The ban garnered a lot of attention and is one of the most-liked tweets by the account StreamerBans.

During the infamous “react” meta, the streamer watched and binged ten hours worth of content, reacting to the animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. The streamer had a live audience of around twenty-five thousand viewers when her channel was taken down due to DMCA-related Terms of Service (ToS) violations.

About three minutes after the Twitter account "StreamerBans" posted the update, Pokimane too hopped up on Twitter and funnily notified her curious audience about her status.

She mentioned how the “fire nation” attacked her channel, referencing the show, and confirmed the 48-hour suspension from the platform. She then planned a 12-hour-long comeback stream for January 10, 2022.

the fire nation attacked
confirmed 48 hour suspension!see you guys monday morning for a 12 hour comeback stream 😎

The streamer further justified her ban by saying that she was not surprised by the strike and felt it was unfair. According to her, the ban was inevitable and held publishers of different copyrighted content more responsible for handling the ban towards streamers who react to the content on Twitch.

just to be clear, i'm not surprised and i don't think this is unfair. imo, it was inevitable that publishers would take action, on me or someone else, during this react meta. will chat more about this monday, when I can further elaborate on the situation! 💜

The first and only ban on the platform gained a lot of fan reactions towards the streamer. Several prominent streamers and her colleagues like Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Austin, djWHEAT, and many others reacted to her temporary ban on the platform.

@pokimanelol when the world needed him most, he vanished(and deleted all his vods and clips from the past 2 weeks)
@pokimanelol don’t worry queen let me make a few calls
@pokimanelol Did you know that smite has an Avatar the Last Airbender collab!!! Therefore, you can't get banned, AND it's almost like you're watching the show!!!!
@pokimanelol Here’s some tips from a pro movie/tv show streamer: don’t use any categories or tags, turn off clips and vods, and mirror the video in OBS!
@pokimanelol what am I going to do now? My tier 3 sub...I feel so lost.
@pokimanelol That was funny ima give u this one LMAO
@pokimanelol LMFAO this better be like a 1 day ban fr

Soon after she was unbanned from the platform, the streamer was soon targeted by a fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber, JiDionPremium, who brigaded her stream by sending in his viewers to spam “L + Ratio.”

This drama went on for a whole month but was resolved recently when JiDion uploaded a video to his main channel where both the streamers were seen sharing burgers and talking about the entire controversy.

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