Breaking down Pokimane’s entire Twitch streaming career so far

Breaking down Pokimane's career (Images via Pokimane/Twitter)
Breaking down Pokimane's career (Images via Pokimane/Twitter)
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Imane “Pokimane “Anys is one of the most popular personalities who regularly stream on Twitch and develops content for YouTube. She was one of the first female streamers on Twitch to be the most followed Twitch channel.

She is known for her gameplay-based content, including her gaming streaming like League of Legends, Fortnite, Among Us, and Valorant. She is known to grind the ranked ladder and reach the top of the said games. Taking a look back, let’s see how she started her career and managed to build such a huge brand.

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Pokimane’s streaming origins on Twitch and more

Pokimane is a 25-year-old live streamer and YouTuber who started her career in 2013. She was born in Morocco and moved to Quebec, Canada, when she was four years old.

She attended McMaster University, where she pursued chemical engineering and later decided to drop out of the course to pursue her streaming career full-time. For this, she moved to the city of Los Angeles, California.

The start

Imane started off her streaming career by creating an account on the Purple platform, Twitch, in 2013. She bought a cheap second-hand PC for $250 through Craigslist. Following this, she started to livestream her first game, League of Legends, where she continuously pushed her ranks in-game during Season 3 and climbed to Platinum rank.

One of the most significant and boosting points of her career was in 2017 when she managed to gain 450k followers. The boost in the number of followers made her the first female streamer on the live-streaming platform to become one of the 100 most followed content creators.

In the same year, she was awarded the “Best Twitch Streamer of the Year” by the Shorty Awards. She currently sits at 8 million followers on Twitch.

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Since then, she has continued to gain more popularity and success over time. She co-founded and became one of the most influential members of the streamer organization OfflineTV in 2017, alongside Scarra.

Over time, many well-known influencers have joined the organization, including Disguised Toast, Lily Pichu, and Michael Reeves.

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Aside from her foothold on Twitch, she is also widely present on other platforms. She has a well-established YouTube channel with a staggering 6 million subscribers and 603 million channel views. She created her main channel back in 2014.

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In October 2021, Poki announced that she co-founded a talent management and brand consulting firm called RTS.

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Another big milestone for the streamer was back in 2021, where she was named a featured honoree for Forbes 30 Under 30, under the category of “Games.”

As of February 1, 2022, the streamer's exclusivity contract on Twitch has expired. She announced the big news, and the “next chapter” will be announced on February 8.

The most recent drama surrounding Pokimane

Due to her large fan base and high outreach, it would be no surprise that the streamer gets involved in controversies with other content creators. One of her most recent and significant controversies occurred at the onset of 2022 when YouTuber and Twitch streamer JiDionPremium targeted her.

JiDion told his followers to brigade Imane’s chat and spam the phrase “L + Ratio.” Due to the constant hate spam, Imane decided to cut short her stream and ended it abruptly.

Presently, the drama has settled down, and both parties have responded positively to each other. JiDion has apologized to Pokimane via a YouTube video, which Pokimane acknowledged.

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