Valkyrae Age: When is the YouTuber’s birthday and how old is she?

How old is Rae? (Image via Twitter)
How old is Rae? (Image via Twitter)

Rachel Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae or Rae, is an American YouTuber and livestreamer. She was born and raised in Washington, United States of America, and later moved to California.

Rae is the co-founder of the famous esports organization and apparel company 100 Thieves, along with the well-known Call of Duty professional player and YouTuber, Nadeshot.

How old is Valkyrae?

Rachell was born on January 8, 1992, making her 30 years old as of 2022. She is in the same age bracket as her peer YouTubers and streamers like Jacksepticeye, who is 30 years old, Pokimane is 25 years old, and Sykkuno is 30 years old.

She is also known for her appearance and performance in music videos. Rae has been featured in music videos such as Inferno by Sub Urban, Bella Poarch, and Daywalker by Machine Gun Kelly, featuring Corpse Husband. In the music video for Daywalker, Rae portrays the masked musician and producer Corpse Husband.


A look into Rae's start in streaming and her career

Rachell started her YouTube channel way back in September 2014, but she began to create content and upload videos two years after she created her channel. Before she started her streaming career, she worked at Gamestop in Washington, United States.

She gained fame by posting her content on Instagram in 2014, where she managed to establish an audience for herself. She posted herself gaming on Instagram and from 2015 onwards, started streaming on the livestreaming platform Twitch.


In 2018, Valkyrae joined the professional esports team 100 Thieves as their first female content creator and content developer. She later went on to become one of the co-founders of this professional esports and apparel company.

Congratulations to @Valkyrae on taking home the 2021 #streamys award for Live Streamer! 🥳🎉🎊

Valkyrae moved to YouTube as part of her exclusive streaming contract in 2020. She is known for collaborating with other prominent Twitch streamers and YouTubers such as members of Offline TV (OTV), like Pokimane, Disguised Toast, Skykkuno, xChocoBars, and Fuslie.

Rae currently has a very well-established YouTube channel and has a lot of presence on other social media platforms as well. She owns multiple YouTube channels. Her main channel currently has 3.6 million subscribers with 213 million channel views.

Rae's other channels are Valkyrae2, where she uploads daily stream highlights, and ValkyraeShorts, her third account where she posts thirty-second clips from her streams.

My two newest YouTube channels both hit 100k almost at the same time🥺❤️ thankyou for subscribing if you have!! 🎉 the support has always been incredible.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU!!!!

Rachell took a break from streaming after her cosmetic brand RFLCT was at the center of drama and met with a considerable backlash. She parted ways with the cosmetic brand in October 2021. Following this, she took a hiatus and later announced via tweet that she would be back on January 31, 2021 with some big news.

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