“Shippers are psychotic”- Valkyrae talks about fans shipping her with male friends 

Valkyrae talks about fans shipping her with various male friends (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Valkyrae talks about fans shipping her with various male friends (Image via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
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YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell "Valkyrae" took to Twitter on May 8, when she expressed her feelings about fans and viewers shipping her with male friends.

She requested that people stop shipping her with friends and stated that these interactions have led to some awkward situations.

Please stop shipping me w/ friends. It’s really uncomfortable & creepy. Literally EVERY guy friend I interact with comes with some random anonymous account/s making not only the worst/wildest assumptions but they get mad when I’m not interacting with their “favorite”. Insanity.

Earlier today, Valkyrae spoke about the same topic during the initial moments of her stream and provided more context for her stance. Expressing her views on the subject, the YouTube Gaming streamer stated:

"The shippers are psychotic recently. I'm going to be honest."

Valkyrae hits back at fans shipping her with male friends and talks about her side of the story


Due to the streamer's immense outreach and popularity, fans often try and ship her with other content creators and influencers. In the past, fans have shipped her with Thomas "Sykkuno," Corpse Husband, and Dream, to name a few.

After her tweet went viral yesterday, the 100 Thieves co-owner spent a few moments on her stream talking about the effects of fans shipping her with various male content creators.

She started by saying that shipping in recent times has become "psychotic" and expanded on her thoughts:

"It's been really affecting me to the point where it is affecting friendships. Like, I don't... I have been avoiding, like, avoiding GTA because of it. I am hesitant to like, hang out with certain people. Like, even after yesterday. Oh, my god, it was just so, so like... like, why?"

Some viewers in her chat room wanted to know who fans were shipping her with. Rae responded by saying that they are shipping her with anyone who is a famous, single, male content creator. She provided specifics:

"Pretty much with every single male that is single and I follow or interact with. Every single one I see anonymous accounts for."

The 30-year-old gamer then gave a few examples of the situation by saying:

"Rae is watching this person, she was in the viewer list, or she ended stream, she wasn't actually sick, she's actually like... It's weird. It's the craziest things. If I'm watching someone that is a guy, that does not mean that I am f***ing them. I'm just going to... It's really weird. I don't know why!"

Valkyrae also mentioned that she believed this was one of the biggest downsides of being a prominent figure in the streaming community:

"I think this is the worst part of like, this kind of lifestyle, is obviously the really, really creepy, scary people and um, it is exhausting. But there's so much more to be grateful for, and I am very grateful for this life."

However, the GTA 5 RP gamer concluded on a positive note. She mentioned that she was grateful to be able to stream for a living and said that she could always find a way to deal with creepy fans:

"I would take any day anonymous accounts just s***ting one me and spreading rumors and hating me than, you know, not being able to live the life that I live. So, it's okay. Things can always be worse."

Fans react to Valkyrae's thoughts

Fans in the YouTube comments section agreed with the streamer's sentiments and felt bad for her. Several mentioned that her recent interaction with Blaustoise might've been the catalyst.

Fans reacting to the streamer's message (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)
Fans reacting to the streamer's message (Images via Shrimpkkuno/YouTube)

Valkyrae is one of the biggest content creators and influencers on YouTube Gaming. She has more than 3.6 million subscribers and 221 million channel views.

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