Valorant lookalike Hyper Front to close down service following Riot's lawsuit against NetEase

NetEase set to shut down Hyper Front
NetEase is set to shut down Hyper Front's operations (Image via Sportskeeda)

A few hours ago, popular Chinese game developer NetEase took to their official Discord server of the Valorant lookalike video game, Hyper Front, to announce the discontinuation of their competitive shooter mobile title. Based on the post, the title will be sunsetting its servers and halting all operations at 8:00 am (UTC +0) on April 10, 2023. Nevertheless, fans can still experience the game before the servers are officially shut down for good.

To protect players' privacy and security, the developers have decided to delete all of the information that's related to players' account data and character data once the server ceases to function. However, some data may remain if local laws prevent them from getting deleted. Apologizing to every player (Astral), NetEase shared a heartfelt message, which read:

"We are proud of the community formed around Hyper Front. Thank you all for your support and love during this time and we apologize for the disappointment that this announcement might cause. The figures of every astral who fought in hyper front will live on in our hearts, and we'll always remember the good times we spent together."

Furthermore, NetEase announced in their tweet that users are currently restricted from logging into the game using their Facebook accounts due to platform restrictions. However, they'll be able to login to the title using their accounts on Google, Apple, Game Account, and Twitter. This unexpected news has shocked mobile gamers and fans of the title as they're left with only a week's time to bid adieu to their favorite game.

Valorant developers Riot Games' lawsuits results in NetEase shutting down Hyper Front

Riot Games previously filed lawsuits against NetEase for copying their creative choices in Hyper Front. According to Riot Games, changing the color of a character's unique ability or making slight modifications to visual appearance doesn't prevent it from being copyright infringement.


Riot Games tried to inform NetEase that they take the global market seriously and wanted the clone to be removed. Their lawsuits have finally paid dividends as the Valorant lookalike is shutting down its operations.

For those unaware, Riot Games' Valorant Mobile is currently under development. The mobile variant of the popular tactical 5v5 title is predicted to change the dynamics of the mobile gaming industry. The free-to-play shooter/action game is expected to be released later this year. With Hyper Front coming to an end, Valorant Mobile is expected to create a bigger impact on the gaming market than its PC counterpart.

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