Valorant Mobile leaked starting screen, lobby layout, and everything we know so far

Valorant Mobile closed beta images leaked (Images via DannyINTEL/Twitter)
Valorant Mobile closed beta images leaked (Images via DannyINTEL/Twitter)

Valorant Mobile's first closed beta test is happening in China, and the in-game images of the game were recently leaked.

Riot Games first announced the mobile port for its 5v5 tactical shooter back in June 2021 during the game's one-year completion since its release. The game was released in June 2020 and has gained huge success worldwide in the FPS genre. Moreover, its esports scene has also expanded drastically, encouraging more players to play the game globally.

Since the announcement of the tactical shooter's mobile port, the whole community has been eager for its release. The mobile gaming industry is mostly dominated by some popular games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Free Fire, and Call of Duty: Mobile. Riot Games has also introduced Wild Rift, a mobile version of League of Legends, to enter the mobile gaming industry. The developers are currently focusing on bringing Valorant's mobile port as well.

Everything we know so far, after Valorant Mobile's in-game images were recently leaked

Currently, Valorant Mobile is in the closed beta testing phase in China. The popular leaker, Mike (@ValorLeaks), also confirmed the same on Twitter, posting some in-game pictures from the game.

However, it was the popular mobile gaming leaker, DannyINTEL, who initially posted screenshots of the game's interface on Twitter. The allegedly leaked images portray character selection, loading screens, home screens, and other images of the game, giving the entire community a first glimpse of Valorant Mobile. They look very similar to the PC version with the same map and agents. The agent selection screen and the home screen are similar to the PC version as well.

However, the developers have brought some significant changes in the weapon, ability HUD, and UI to the mobile version to make competitive FPS easier to play on a smaller device.

The game is still in the closed beta testing phase. Thus, players can expect a future beta version of the game to come out soon with an invite system, where players can invite their five friends through referral links, to experience the beta version, just like Riot Games did for the PC's beta launch.

Currently, the PC version has seven maps and eighteen agents. However, it is still officially unclear how many agents and maps it will bring with the game's mobile port launch. The leaked images portrayed seven agents, including Breach, Jett, Phoenix, Skye, Reyna, Killjoy, and Sova. The loading screen also portrayed Cypher and Raze. It also featured the Ascent map. Thus, fans can expect these agents and the map when the game launches.

Mike (@ValorLeaks) also stated that there is a low possibility of having crossplay when mobile port launches. However, it has not been officially confirmed by the the developers yet. More details about the game will be released as soon as it finishes the closed beta testing phase and is ready to launch.

Although the release date of Valorant Mobile has not been confirmed, fans can expect it to arrive as soon as the game is in the testing phase.

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