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Valorant: Why are no payment options currently available?

Image Credits: Dexerto
Image Credits: Dexerto
Modified 27 May 2020

Riot Games’ latest tactical, first-person shooter Valorant reached sky-high popularity ever since its closed beta was released.

However, the addictive and incredibly competitive gameplay was not the only factor that the fans went 'gaga' over. It was also the amazing weapon skin lines along with the skin bundles that let each player customise their loadout in whichever way they pleased.

So, it becomes quite a bummer when you finally log in to the game, ready to spend your extra allowance on the ‘Reaver Collection’ and find the store to be closed. These days, every time you do visit the Valorant Store, the only message you get is that there is not a single form of payment option available. 

And no, it’s not an error or another client bug as Riot has done this on purpose in anticipation of the official release of the game on June 2.

The Valorant Store is under maintenance

Taken from Riot Games
Taken from Riot Games

As the closed beta is set to end on May 28, Riot has already started shutting down the Valorant Stores in many regions from May 22 and has put them on maintenance.

As the official game will come with a complete overhaul of ranks, achievements and in-game purchases for every player account, there indeed was really no point in keeping the store open.

However, even if each account is subjected to getting a clean slate when the full Valorant game launches worldwide, those who have splurged their hard-earned cash on Agents, Weapon Skins and Particle upgrades will be getting a complete refund, along with a 20% bonus on top of it.

The extra 20% chunk does sound really nice, and with a complete reset, beta key players will now get the chance to spend more thoughtfully and only get skin lines that they feel suit their personalities the best.

Published 27 May 2020, 07:45 IST
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