Vitality upsets Rogue to give Misfits a chance to take the LEC top spot - Week 8 Day 2

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

The final day of the LEC Week 8 started off with an expected win from Misfits over SK Gaming, but the next 2 games brought some excitement to the table. Astralis lost their chance to finish the week undefeated when EXCEL put up a good fight and took the victory behind Nukeduck and Patrik.

Vitality then caught every LEC fan's attention by breaking Rogue down in a high-intensity game where both teams accumulated over 70k gold with a close objective score.

The heat cooled off in the following game, where G2 handily kept Schalke 04 at bay, and 2 head-to-head teams clashed with identical records as MAD Lions pushed Fnatic around to close out the day.

LEC's Vitality shocks Rogue as Fnatic loses a crucial match to MAD Lions

Misifts cruises to victory behind their perfect bot lane to secure the win over SK Gaming

SK Gaming fired out of the gates with a mission in mind, but their aggression and ability to keep up with Misfits in kills weren't enough.

All 5 members of SK finished with 3 deaths apiece while Jezu racked up 5 of his team's 12 kills to finish as the only SK member with more kills than deaths.

Misfits destroyed all SK towers on 3 barons that aided them in the assault. While they took the win, Misfits needed those 3 barons and 4 drakes to crack the enemy base open and surge past SK Gaming.

EXCEL shuts down Astralis to tie them for sixth place in the LEC and keep their playoff hopes alive

No member of Astralis could find a hot streak as 4 of them finished with a single kill, leaving Zanzarah with the 2 remaining eliminations on 4 deaths. Nukeduck and Patrik combined for 9 kills on 2 deaths to cruise EXCEL to an LEC victory.

Both teams took a baron each, but EXCEL managed to defend their base and only allowed Astralis to destroy 4 towers in total. They now find themselves tied with Astralis and Vitality in the LEC standings after winning 3 of their previous 4 games.

Vitality stuns Rogue with a massive snowball from LIDER to increase their LEC playoff odds

In the beginning, Rogue's Odoamne picked up a quadra kill on Kennen near the Rift Herald around 9 and a half minutes in. However, from there, Rogue's top lane couldn't quite keep the magic flowing as he died 3 times while taking only 2 kills.

LIDER rocketed from the start with a dive in the bot lane that granted him the lead he needed to surge Akali to 9-5-8.

Inspired was bullied by Vitality's jungler at every moment, finishing poorly at 0-7-9 on Xin Zhao for Rogue despite having a 75% kill participation. Though Rogue looked strong in the beginning, they surrendered a 0-5 Ace in favor of Vitality around 21 minutes in that led to the baron buff and, ultimately, their defeat.

G2 and Schalke participate in a kill fest in a close game

Both of these LEC teams combined for 43 kills in their match today, with G2 taking 26 and Schalke finishing with 17. LIMIT took the bullet for his team time and time again, finding the double-digit death count on Alistar.

Despite Schalke's 4 drakes to beat G2's 2, they couldn't hold their opponent off to find a win in today's LEC game.

Jankos brought his A-game on Viego, showing an impressive display with a score of 9-2-7. Schalke may not be joining the LEC next season, but it appears they have a little bit of life left to dish out before the Summer Split ends.

MAD Lions slaughters Fnatic on with Armut's Jayce to move to third place alongside G2

Player of the game Armut ripped through Fnatic with his Jayce game where he racked up 8 of his team's 27 kills on a single death. Elyoya took 9 as well to push MAD Lions to victory without much resistance.

Fnatic managed to pick up 13 kills and 2 drakes to match MAD's 3, but it wasn't enough to pull off any sort of comeback.

With 2 barons in pocket, MAD Lions rolled through Fnatic's towers and snowballed throughout the entire game. Fnatic finishes the LEC week winless, a rare sight for the European powerhouse who seems to be slipping down the ranks.

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