"We can read each other's mind during a BGMI tournament which gives an advantage in communication": Skylightz Gaming

The BGMI roster of Skylightz Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)
The BGMI roster of Skylightz Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI tournaments are in the rage in the country, and from professional players to viewers, people are excited to witness intense battle royale matches. Skylightz Gaming is one of the teams whose BGMI roster is all set to take part in prestigious competitions lined up.

The team performed well and emerged as the first runner-up in the three-day Red Bull India’s M.E.O Season 4 India Finals. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Skylightz Gaming talked about their recent win, thoughts about BGMI Lite, the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021, and more.

Skylightz Gaming on BGMI tournaments

Q. Now that BGMI tournaments have commenced, many Esports organizations have started participating in tournaments with their own rosters. What is the best aspect about being a part of Skylightz Gaming’s BGMI roster?

Skylightz Gaming: The best aspect is to feel the synergy we carry as a roster and the freedom provided by Skylightz Gaming. Sometimes, it feels like we can read each other's minds during the game, which gives an advantage in communication and understanding.

Q. Can you tell us a bit more about your roster and tell us about the individual specialities of each player?

Skylightz Gaming: It started with Saumraj and Pukar. They used to play together, then Gamlaboyy joined them because he liked their gameplay, and subsequently, Ronak joined us. Recently, Destro also joined our BGMI roster. We feel Saumraj is very smart in judging the situation. Pukar is obviously the firepower. For Gamlaboy, it is about keeping the enemy in his line of sight. Ronak is a big brain support who keeps an eye out for the enemy's movement. Destro is an all-rounder who switches between assaulting, filtering and supporting.

Q. How long do you all feel it is necessary to invest in practicing BGMI whenever there is an upcoming tournament? How do you keep yourselves motivated despite losses?

Skylightz Gaming: Now, since it has become a routine, practice is involved in the daily schedule.

At this stage, I feel mental preparation is much more important. So, I start conditioning our minds three days prior to any event.

Q. Congratulations on becoming the Runners up in the Red Bull MEO Season 4. What has the experience been like? Who was your toughest competitor?

Skylightz Gaming: Thank you very much! The experience was really good, and it feels like a sprint because it is only a three-day event. We have to keep our strategy very upfront because there is no time for experimentation.

Godlike Esports was our toughest competitor.

Q. The final stages of the matches in any competition are very crucial. How do you lay out your strategies so that the outcomes are the best?

Skylightz Gaming: We generally do not deviate much from our strategies in any event. What we decide right at the start is implemented for the entire event, irrespective of the outcome.

Q. Being professional players, have you ever felt the threat of hackers in any tournament you took part in? What measures can Krafton take to improve the situation?

Skylightz Gaming: Yes, hackers are a threat everywhere. There are players who aim to reach the first position in BGMI Classic matches but cannot because of hackers.

Since we don't know much about the anti-hack system, we cannot say much when it comes to Krafton improving the situation.

Q. Krafton has been receiving requests for the release of BGMI Lite ever since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Do you think a lighter version should be released? If yes, why?

Skylightz Gaming: Yes, as the scenario has become much more competitive these days, along with the demand for hardware for mobile sets.

I feel that a lighter version will provide entertainment to an audience who aspire to play on low-end devices.

Q. PUBG New State has been immensely appreciated in the gaming community. Do you think that the popularity of BGMI will be reduced due to the new futuristic game?

Skylightz Gaming: There is a different competition between the BGMI and PUBG New State. I feel that the former battle royale game’s presence is much stronger than India's. But yes, a lot will depend upon the preference of the fans and teams.

Q. Now that Red Bull MEO Season 4 has ended, you can all now fully focus on the ongoing BGIS (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series) 2021. What has the experience been like so far? Who do you all consider to be the toughest competitor?


Skylightz Gaming: Yes, BGIS is the ultimate goal. We are aiming for a mind-blowing performance in the tournament. Till now, it’s been a good experience with regards to brainstorming, finalizing strategies, and performance. Let us hope for the best!

We will again have to say that Godlike Esports is our toughest competitor.

Q. There are many budding Esports players out there who want to make it big in the professional gaming world. What advice would you all like to impart?

Skylightz Gaming: Keep grinding! Do not quit, as you have no ideas as to what is waiting for you in the Esports world!