"BGMI has brought in a great opportunity for the underdog teams as more companies want to invest in Esports nowadays": Enigma Gaming

Engima Gaming's BGMI roster (Image via Sportskeeda)
Engima Gaming's BGMI roster (Image via Sportskeeda)

Now that it has been a few months since BGMI’s release and tournament season is on, many Esports organizations are coming up with their own rosters for the battle royale title. Enigma Gaming is one such organization.

Enigma Gaming recently won the Red Bull M.E.O. National Finals, proving that one should never underestimate the underdog. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, the BGMI players of Enigma Gaming talked about their exciting win, thoughts on BGMI Lite, Krafton’s take on hackers, and more.

Enigma Gaming's take on the Esports aspect of BGMI

Q: Ever since BGMI was released, many Esports organizations have been coming up with their own rosters. What is the best aspect about being a part of Enigma Gaming?

The best part about Enigma Gaming is that they have supported us and given us the chance to perform at the tier 1 stage. I’m looking forward to more organizations like this one, which allow underdogs to perform at the top level. Talking about the newer organizations, BGMI has brought in a great opportunity for lesser-known teams, as more and more organizations want to invest in Esports nowadays.

Q: Aside from playing matches as a team, each player has a particular set of skills. Tell us more about the roles that each gamer plays. What are their individual specialities?

We are a very versatile team, with each player having a specific role. EnigmaAvii is our in-game leader and also acts as a support. EnigmaEggy focuses on assaulting and sniping. EnigmaREXX is the entry fragger, and EnigmaSaggy is a support assaulter. Finally, our fifth player EnigmaLocker is an assaulter.

Q: How long do you all dedicate to playing BGMI whenever there is an upcoming tournament? How do you ensure that proper synergy is maintained?

We usually play BGMI for twelve hours a day. Nine hours is generally for tournaments, and we all do daily three-hour individual grinds in TDMs and Range.

A big part of synergy is being able to live together at the bootcamp. This helps us with communication, as well as building bonds among teammates.

Q: Congratulations on winning the Red Bull MEO Season 4. What has the experience been like? What was the best aspect about the tournament?

Jonathan Amaral of GodLike Esports (Image via Red Bull India)
Jonathan Amaral of GodLike Esports (Image via Red Bull India)

We want to thank all our fans for believing in us. To be honest, we were not very confident until we saw the results. There was only a three-second gap between us and Skylightz Gaming getting eliminated. We got eliminated at fourth position with zero kills, but when we checked the stream, Skylightz died at the fifth position with zero kills. So, it was a really nail-biting finish. If Jonathan had killed AKop, we would have secured the second position.

The best part of the tournament was our comeback from just 4 points in the first two matches to 70 points, and ultimately getting the title.

Q: The final stages of the matches in the Red Bull MEO Season 4 competition were crucial. Who were your toughest competitors throughout the tournament?

Enigma Gaming won the M.E.O National Finals (Image via Red Bull India)
Enigma Gaming won the M.E.O National Finals (Image via Red Bull India)

The lobby as a whole was a tough competition and every team competing had good potential. The last match was nerve-racking. For us, the Match MVP was AKop, and if we had to pick one team, we would have to choose either GodLike Esports because of their confidence or Skylightz Gaming consistency was mind-blowing.

Q: Do you all think that there is a con to winning a tournament? Should winning tournaments be the ultimate goal of the players?

I think the ultimate goal for a player is to grind. Tournaments are just a way for us to measure how successful our grinding has been.

Q: Professional players often complain about the number of hackers in BGMI. Do you face insecurity while competing in an open-tournament where every team has to qualify from scratch? Do you think Krafton can improve the situation?

Hackers are incredibly annoying. With the launch of BGMI, more and more hackers have been emerging. We are concerned about whether teams that qualify from open qualifiers can use ESP hacks and not get caught. To be fair, Krafton has done a good job by reducing the number of hackers by banning them. Hopefully, the developers will learn from Riot and build anti-cheat software in-game.

Q: Now that PUBG New State is here, do you all think that the popularity of BGMI will reduce over time?

Even though PUBG New State has great graphics, we think most players will continue with BGMI because the latter has a bigger fanbase. We have tried PUBG New State and we do enjoy it, but still, BGMI has our heart.

Q: Many players are waiting ardently for the release of BGMI Lite. Do you think Krafton should release a lighter version?

If it is possible to make this game lighter, it would be great. Personally, we don't find it necessary to release another lighter version of the game, as nowadays mobile phones are becoming affordable.

Q: What are your tips and tricks to Esports players who want to make it big in the professional gaming world?

Keep grinding as there is no shortcut to reach the top. Perserverance is the key to success. Despite being underdogs, we got signed by Enigma. I think the best example of the power of the grind is, GodLike Esports’s ZGod. He keeps on grinding, no matter where he is. It is not only about Esports, but also about the passion for gaming.