After Scout and Mortal, Jonathan requests BGMI officials to ban hackers in the game

Jonathan requests Krafton to ban hackers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jonathan requests Krafton to ban hackers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Krafton was yet again called out by another famous BGMI streamer, Jonathan Amaral, regarding the increasing number of hackers in the game. Other popular BGMI players and influencers like MortaL, Scout, and Ghatak have also talked about how the hackers and cheaters have become a menace in BGMI.

Jonathan’s request to BGMI officials

Jonathan, who was present in most of the BGMI teasers relating to the release of the game, took to Twitter to showcase his disappointment with the growing number of hackers in the Battle Royale title. He expressed his sorrow for budding players who are trying their best to improve their gameplay, only to fall prey to hackers.

He asked BGMI officials to prioritize the matter and do something constrictive towards it. His tweet has 1.2K likes and has been retweeted nearly 300 times.

MortaL on BGMI hackers

MortaL, another popular BGMI gamer, commented on how every two out of five games have hackers in them and how they ruin the gaming experience. He also expressed how cheaters make it hard for content creators to create content revolving around classic Battle Royale matches.

Scout on BGMI hackers


Scout stated that BGMI will become a “dead game” in the future if Krafton does not take severe steps to ban hackers. He also said that he feels very insecure about the situation and it makes him consider a normal opponent as a hacker.

Ghatak on delay of BGIS due to hackers


Indian Battle Royale enthusiasts are ardently awaiting the commencement of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS). Unfortunately, there has been a delay. The cause for the delay was shared by Ghatak, a BGMI influencer, who stated that Krafton is doing everything in their power to ensure fairplay by creating a strong system that would not allow hackers and cheaters to toggle with the gameplay.