"Esports can be pursued as a viable career option just like any other traditional sport": GodLike Esports

BGMI roster of GodLike Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI roster of GodLike Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Now that mobile gaming tournaments are back in full swing, various teams are trying their level best to grab the spotlight. At this juncture, GodLike Esports has stood out in the crowd with some of the best rosters on board.

From acquiring the ex-Blind team for their Free Fire roster to signing up ex-Insidious players, GodLike Esports has been in the news for acquiring some of the best mobile gamers in India. In an exclusive conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, GodLike Esports talks about the Indian esports scene, their deal with Cornerstone, future plans, and more.

Q. Now that COVID-19 restrictions are a bit relaxed and the global esports scenario in mobile gaming is growing, where do you think India stands? How can the Indian esports scene in mobile gaming become one of the best in the world?

At present, the esports market is still nascent in India. However, COVID-19 was the catalyst that helped grow the industry exponentially. The lockdown saw an increasing number of tournaments, teams, streamers, and players which served as an important platform for several budding esports enthusiasts.

There are three key requirements for the growth of esports. The first is accessibility to the right infrastructure to both train and compete. The second is to have the right platform to compete and gain visibility and the third is recognition by the appropriate sporting bodies. Mobile gaming in India is moving in the right direction, and with increasingly low-priced phones and cheaper internet, we are sure that it has the capability to become one of the best in the world.

Q. GodLike Esports is an embryo that is slowly transitioning into a tree. Whose brainchild is GodLike Esports? How did the organization come into existence?

GodLike Esports is the brainchild of Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude. Kronten began streaming in his early teens and was a regular PUBG streamer on PC.

From the beginning, he had the vision of building an internationally competitive esports organization. The team came into existence in 2019 when he created a line-up and started participating in several tournaments under the name GodLike.

Q. Cornerstone exclusively represent GodLike Esports. What is the best aspect of being associated with a new age sport and entertainment consultancy like Cornerstone? How is the BGMI roster benefited by this association?

Cornerstone represents some of the biggest talents across sports and entertainment. Being associated with a company like Cornerstone helps bring esports into the limelight. With the kind of expertise and experience the company has in the industry, it was a no-brainer for us to start this partnership with them. Their reach with endemic and non-endemic brands allows us to reach out to more partners.

The BGMI roster, along with the Free Fire and Call of Duty roster, have also benefited from the association. Moving forward, Cornerstone is helping us understand the best way to position ourselves in the market.

Q. GodLike Esports sent Battle Royale gaming enthusiasts into a frenzy when the ex-Blind team and the star studded ex-Insidious players were signed up for Free Fire and COD Mobile respectively. What are the upcoming tournaments that the rosters are preparing for?

It has been an honor for us to sign up for one of the best Free Fire and CODM rosters in the country. They have been performing phenomenally and consistently. In the near future, the Free Fire roster will participate in tournaments such as World Esports Cup and Esports Wala Diwali Battle. The CODM roster will compete in the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup Grand Finals in December as well as the Extraction Esports Fatal League.

Q. GodLike Esports was recently crowned the winner of Skyesports Championship 3.0. What was the key factor that led to the win? What should be of the utmost importance to ensure proper teamplay?


The key factor that led to the win is the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis that we conducted as a team prior to the match as well as after the match. Ghatak and Kronten have played a pivotal role in conditioning the team and helping them identify their roles and responsibilities.

We feel that it is crucial to work together and cover for each other’s vulnerabilities. We conduct regular team meetings with the manager and coach to understand the requirements and develop plans for each match.

Q. Individual players on the BGMI roster for GodLike Esports are quite popular in the esports world and have a great fan-following. Do you think that individual popularity of gamers has an effect on the organization as a whole?

The individual popularity of gamers has a positive impact on the organization as a whole. Great fan-following immensely helps the players to consistently perform well in tournaments. Every single person in the organization really appreciates the support shown by the fans and it has served as a great source of motivation over the years.

Q. What are the advantages for an esports organization to have a bootcamp?

The bootcamp ensures that the players are tended to so that they can give their best in every event. The players are provided with recreational and fitness facilities. The bootcamp enables the players to dedicate much more time to the game and strategize their moves. As most players were playing and competing from home during the pandemic, they were affected by various factors such as poor infrastructure, poor connectivity and more. Bootcamp helps eliminate these setbacks.

Q. Now for the question that is on everybody’s mind. Can players with low-end gaming devices expect the release of BGMI Lite?

While we have positive views and expectations for BGMI Lite, the final decision rests on the developers.

Q. Now that you have some of the best teams in mobile gaming, what is the vision of GodLike Esports in the coming days? How do you plan on expanding your reach in the future?

The long-term vision of GodLike Esports has always been to do its part in developing the gaming and esports industry in India as a whole. The primary objective is to send a message to show that esports is more than a casual activity, and that it can be pursued as a viable career option just like any other traditional sport.