"We just don't condone violence by anybody" - Vitaly updates community after an elderly person was knocked out on his stream

Vitaly updates community after an elderly person was knocked out on his stream
Vitaly updates community after an elderly person was knocked out on his stream (Image via @vitalyzdtv/X)

Contentious Kick streamer Vitaly Zdorovetskiy has updated the community following controversy on his recent Kick livestream. On May 5, 2024, Vitaly teamed up with American singer and songwriter Ty Dolla $ign to host a "Catching Predators" broadcast.

Note: This article mentions an instance of physical violence and assault. Reader discretion is advised.

A moment from the livestream has gone viral on social media platforms such as Reddit and X, during which the Russian-American personality confronted an elderly individual. Another man in a white shirt and a red cap appeared and punched the elderly man, knocking him out cold.

Zdorovetskiy took to X earlier today (May 5, 2024) to address the community to share "two good news." He was alongside his security personnel, Alan, who also provided an update.

Commenting on the situation, Vitaly said:

"Hey guys, I've got two good news after what just happened. It was f**king absolutely crazy and mental. Alan here is my private security. Alan, give them an update."

According to the Kick streamer's private security, the elderly person who was assaulted was "going to be okay" and would not suffer any long-term medical conditions. He elaborated:

"Hey, I've been in contact with law enforcement since everything that happened back and forth. Law enforcement is at the hospital with the gentleman. They have let us know that he is going to be okay. No long life-lasting conditions. Everything is going to be all right."

The content creator's security personnel also claimed that the police informed him that the elderly person had been arrested for alleged pedophilia. He added:

"The next thing the cop told me which was good is that he is being arrested. He's going to be going to jail for being a pedophile, just like everybody else wants. Just like we want. We just don't condone violence by anybody."

"We are going to be helping the cops find him" - Vitaly claims the person who attacked the elderly individual would be "criminally prosecuted"

Vitaly posted another update on X, claiming that the person who assaulted the elderly individual would be "criminally prosecuted." Asserting that he and his team "don't condone" violence, the 32-year-old tweeted:

"And to make it clear, the guy that attacked the pedophile was a stranger, who will also be criminally prosecuted. We are going to be helping the cops find him. We don't condone the actions of a random member of the public and Kick regularly works with law enforcement to provide any assistance on these types of matters."

Vitaly is one of Kick's most popular IRL streamers, with over 130.1k followers on his channel. Earlier this year, he became involved in a major feud with fellow Kick streamer Ragnesh "N3on."

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Edited by Ashmita Bhatt
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