'Welcome my brother': BruceDropEmOff joins Kick, Adin Ross and fans react

BruceDropEmOff officially joins Kick (Image via Sportskeeda)
BruceDropEmOff officially joins Kick. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular streamer Bruce "BruceDropEmOff" announced that he has joined Kick with a short video featuring Adin Ross. The former Twitch star received a number of bans in recent months due to his controversial verbiage, and fans have been asking him to move to other platforms for some time now.

With the likes of Trainwreckstv and Adin Ross teasing rockstar signings to Kick for a long time, many had been expecting BruceDropEmOff to be one of them. It seems they have been proven correct. The streamer revealed the news on Twitter with a video captioned, "A New Dawn."

Adin Ross welcomed the former OTK member in a reply to the announcement video, calling the fellow former Twitch star "brother":

"My brother. Welcome."

"Twitch can't keep up": Fans react to BruceDropEmOff's move to Kick

BruceDropEmOff has been part of several controversies lately, starting with his well-publicized departure from the content group One True King (OTK) after a very public spat with one of their co-founders, Mizkif.

Since then, the streamer has received a couple of suspensions from Twitch due to his use of the notorious C-word, a term that has been the reason for a number of bans from the Amazon-owned platform.

His most recent ban came in May after many labeled his interaction with rapper DDG on stream to be homophobic. His reaction to the ban had raised eyebrows among fans, with many interpreting it as a sign that he is going to leave Twitch for some new platform.

Replying to a tweet about the ban, he had written:

"Oh, y'all know what's next."

BruceDropEmOff had refrained from streaming since then. However, according to the video announcing his move to Kick, he will start streaming on the Stake-owned platform starting tomorrow, and his fans are quite excited.

Here are some of the reactions to the news of his move, with some even noting that this is a big deal for Kick and a big blow for Twitch:

The former OTK streamer joins an increasing list of people who are making the move to Kick from Twitch. Here's a curated list of 10 streamers who have made the jump.

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