What is an AI VTuber? Everything you need to know about the viral Twitch content

AI Vtuber Neuro-sama goes viral on Twitch (Image via vedal987/Twitch)
AI Vtuber Neuro-sama goes viral on Twitch (Image via vedal987/Twitch)

The VTuber era of Twitch might be coming to an end as the new AI VTuber on the block, Neuro-sama, has been the talk of the streaming world after several clips from the channel vedal987 featuring the artificial intelligence were shared over social media.

vedal987's last month's statistics (Image via Twitch Tracker)
vedal987's last month's statistics (Image via Twitch Tracker)

The sharp rise in viewership numbers in the stream corresponds to the release of the AI streamer, which has dramatically intrigued the community. Twitch Tracker reports that the channel gained about 12K followers in the last month, and seeing as the current follower count is 12K, it's safe to assume that the new technology has attracted the newest viewers.

But what exactly is an AI VTuber, and how is it different? Let's look at how it works and what it means for the future of content creation.

"Watch the AI learn live": AI VTuber Neuro-sama goes viral on Twitch

Artificial intelligence has been around for quite a long time, with its application broadening in recent years. With popular tools such as ChatGPT going viral for the ability to create text from rudimentary, it is not a surprise that AI has spread to the virtual content creator space.

To understand what an AI VTuber is, we first need to establish what a VTuber does. For those unaware of the term, it is an abbreviation for virtual YouTubers. In recent years, many creators have risen to the top of the streaming game by using their iconic and custom-made artificial avatars while broadcasting to the masses.


Introducing an AI into the mix automates the process entirely, having an algorithm that learns from audience interactions to be a better broadcaster. In the YouTube clip above, the AI VTuber can be seen answering questions from other streamers and even engaging in banter.

Streamers such as Ironmouse and Veibei are big Twitch streamers from the VTubing space who have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers on the platform. While streaming, they use motion detection tools to allow their avatar to mimic their movements on screen. Having an AI do the movement and the talking cuts the human part of the experience, making for a novelty experience.

In a Reddit post from a couple of days ago, the creator of the Neuro-sama talked about how the AI Vtuber was originally just an artificial intelligence designed to play the highly popular Osu! Game. Now, after four years, she is back, and people can watch her 'learn' to be a better streamer live:

"You can watch the AI learn live at: I look forward to seeing how far she gets this time, as I should be better at AI by now. Hope to see you there!"

Clips that made AI VTuber Neuro-sama famous

Several Neuro-sama clips were shared on the streamer-related subreddit r/LivestreamFail, gaining thousands of upvotes and comments. Here is one clip about the AI giving her honest opinion about the British people and roasting former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"I think British people are great, except for Boris Johnson."

Another famous clip was about the AI getting concerned with how she smelt. The logical fallacy of the entire situation was appreciated by many. The clip gained over 150K views in a day.

The AI VTuber even showed interest in debating the political commentator Destiny:

"Should I debate Destiny? Yeah, sure why not. I have time to kill."

AI Vtubing might be the next big thing in the content creation space, but only time can tell if artificial intelligence can hold an audience long enough to gain success.

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