“What are you doing?” - HasanAbi catches Karl Jacobs making a comical tweet about Dream from the latter’s account

HasanAbi catches Karl Jacobs making a comical tweet (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi catches Karl Jacobs making a comical tweet (Image via Sportskeeda)

Minecraft streamer and MrBeast associate Karl Jacobs was caught red-handed after mischievously tweeting from popular Twitch streamer Hasan "HasanAbi's" profile while the latter was out of the room. For context, during Hasan's brief absence in front of the camera, Karl, who was invited to his house in Los Angeles, decided to sneak up to his Twitter account and make a post deriding Minecraft streamer Clay "Dream's" much-awaited face reveal. Funnily enough, the tweet is still up for viewers to see. Karl Jacobs wrote:

Hasan, who returned moments following the publication of the post, caught Karl Jacobs in the act of libel. He swiftly exclaimed:

“What are you doing?”

Karl Jacobs gets caught in the act by HasanAbi

In a stream uploaded yesterday, Karl Jacobs took to Hasan's Twitter account to make a derisive statement about Dream's face reveal. For those unaware, Dream is a popular Minecraft YouTuber who concealed his face for several years until yesterday. His face reveal was met with a lot of reactions. Many streamers even took to live streaming while the creator revealed his identity.

After posting the tweet, Hasan, who had just stepped back into the room, said:

"What did you just do? What! What are you doing?! Get over there. I can't leave you alone. I can't leave you with my computer for even a brief moment"

Seeing the mock tweet by Karl Jacobs, fellow streamer Valkyrae, who reacted to Dream's face reveal, was also in a visible state of confusion. She said:

(Timestamp: 22:06)

His tweet, once published, was met with a lot of ridicule and sardonic comments. Hasan made a further tweet, this time on his own accord, clarifying the confusing situation. He pointed out that he was among the few people who were allowed to react to Dream's face on FaceTime while they were live.

He posted:

"it seems like @KarlJacobs_ is jealous dream face revealed to me live (he trusts me more)"

Fans react to comical moment

Although a majority were left in the gray regarding the nature of the tweet, some had witnessed Karl Jacob's mischievous activity live on Hasan's stream. The post was met with a flurry of reactions, including memes. Here are some of the comments that were shared:

Dream's face reveal was one of the biggest uploads of the year in terms of viewership. At one point, his video was watched live by over one million viewers while it was premiering. As of this writing, the upload has received over 27 million views in just over a day.