What is Fortnite pro “Ninja’s” real name?

Mysterious figure "Ninja" (Image Credit: ESPN)
Mysterious figure "Ninja" (Image Credit: ESPN)

Recent reports have surfaced that famous Fortnite pro, Ninja, has somehow managed to keep his real name a secret. Here, I’ll use my investigative skills to see if I can solve this long standing mystery.

Beginning of Fortnite Pro’s name mystery


During a report about this enigmatic gamer’s relationship with Microsoft and Mixer, Laura Martin pointed out the mystery which had stared fans in the face for years, “he has a real name but nobody knows what it is.” Given the tendency of journalists to dedicate their lives and effort to their craft, it is undoubtable that Martin conducted minutes, if not hours, of endless research in order to make sure she could present this answer to her viewers, only to be thwarted by the curtain of mystery which hangs over the question. It seems almost crazy that Microsoft would engage in a $20 million contract with someone whose name they don’t know, so at least someone out there must have the answer.

A surprising lack of leaks

“Ninja’s” influence must be great to have avoided anyone from leaking his real name. For such a famous pro Fortnite player, all it would take is a family member, his wife or even parents, to shatter the enigmatic blanket which has become as much this Fortnite streamer’s identity as any name possibly could have.

A sudden breakthrough

After almost 26 minutes of thinking about who “Ninja” is and why his name had become this all consuming cloud, both compelling and somehow frightening, I had a sudden breakthrough. It seems some brave individual had let the cat out of the bag, and I had found the information I so desperately needed.

However, the ethical concerns soon arose. Was it fair to destroy this successful young man’s carefully crafted intrigue? Could I be somehow ruining his Fortnite career, or even his life, by publishing this information? Am I, perhaps, a danger to his livelihood?

Nah, he’ll be alright.

The reveal!

His name is Richard.

He goes by Tyler.

His last name is Blevins.

I’ll take my Pulitzer in the mail.

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