"What a time to be alive": Streaming community reacts as AI VTuber and Twitch streamer Neuro-sama starts doing react content

Neuro-sama enters the react content game (Image via Vedal987/Twitch)
Neuro-sama enters the react content game (Image via Vedal987/Twitch)

Vedal987's Twitch AI VTuber Neuro-sama is once again the talk of the streaming community after today's react content test. The creator announced that the AI would now engage in a popular activity among Just Chatting streamers - reacting to videos and clips on the internet while sharing their opinions.

Vedal987 went as far as to say that she was a "react andy now," referencing the internet slang used to describe Twitch streamers who tend to do a lot of reaction content on their channel.

The test proved to be a hit, drawing in thousands of viewers to watch Neuro-sama today. Many in the streaming and content creation community took to social media to comment on the fact that an AI streamer now has the potential to not only interact with chat but also participate in the reaction meta, just like other creators on the platform.

Clips of AI VTuber Neuro-sama doing react on content Twitch invite comparisons with other streamers

For those out of the loop, Vedal987's Twitch channel recently became a hot topic in the streaming community after they developed an artificial intelligence capable of carrying out the tasks of a VTuber or virtual YouTuber. The virtual avatar has an algorithm that makes it possible for it to interact with the audience while playing games on stream.

Suffice it to say that the concept of artificial intelligence streaming on Twitch naturally attracted many to the regular broadcasts. Up until now, the functionality has extended up to verbal interaction with the audience, but today that changed after Neuro-sama, the AI streamer, started a new chapter with a stream titled 'Testing react content today'.

The three-and-a-half-hour stream consisted of the Vtuber watching a variety of clips and videos on the internet, ranging from travel videos to other streamers (such as Forsen) playing video games. A clip of Neuro-sama reacting to a video from the popular travel channel Abroad in Japan got a lot of traction from viewers, crossing 50K views within hours.

Naturally, this new development in the AI streamer's ability to react to other content draws parallels with other streamers who do the same. A Redditor from r/LivestreamFail made a joke comparing Neuro-sama with popular streamer Asmongold, attracting many others to draw more comparisons and debates about reaction content in general.

Others shared even more clips, with one about AI and robots destroying the human race garnering quite a lot of attention.

Despite its unique capabilities of interacting with chat, playing games, and reacting to content with its own input, Neuro-sama's journey on Twitch has been marred by controversy. A few weeks ago, some controversial statements made by the AI resulted in a ban.

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