Whispers in the West, an online co-op murder mystery indie, will feature in the Steam Next Fest

Whodunit in the Wild West with friends (Image via Whispers in the West)
Whodunit in the Wild West with friends (Image via Whispers in the West)

Infinite Whys' indie game, Whispers in the West, is an online co-op murder mystery where players can band together, play various roles and immerse themselves in multiple stories. The demo of the title is currently available for players to download and play on Steam.


The initial response to the game has been quite positive as its interesting investigating mechanics and the option to co-op perfectly gel together. The promise of the indie makes it a game that one should try out if they enjoy the idea of figuring out whodunnit along with their friends.

Whispers in the West is a murder mystery indie to play with friends

Whispers in the West was first announced as one of the London Games Festival 2022 Official Selection games. In a recent press release, the developers described the game as follows:

"It is a point-and-click mystery narrative game for 1- 4 players that supports online co-op. Imagine Among Us, but with stories, or Ace Attorney but with online co-op. The game is set in the far reaches of the Wild West. Each story is a unique and intriguing mystery needing to be solved. To succeed, the players need to work as a team, discuss what information is found and put the pieces together to decipher the truth."

Set in the expanse of the Wild West, players will get to choose one of the many stories available and team up with their friends. There are four characters that players can select to role-play from. The developers state that each of them offers a unique skill which opens up different interactions with the NPCs around the town.

The four roles are Sheriff, Deputy, Cowboy and Outlaw. Players are expected to discuss, debate and deduce who the culprit is. Talking about the in-game world, the developers have stated that even though Whispers in the West features the classic look of point and click gameplay, their "non-linear story engine and the multiplayer feature make it stand apart from similar games."

Players will have to interrogate the residents to uncover the truth about them while inspecting the clues strewn about the in-game world. The game also runs on a timer which will force players to divide the tasks amongst themselves and get them done. To that end, the developers state:

"Scrutinize the findings in your case file and determine the truth amongst the lies with your team. In the end you can only settle on one culprit... Be warned, things may get heated!"

The indie scene has always managed to give space to imagination and creativity in order to produce such unique content. This murder mystery indie is a testament to that. Whispers in the West boast of an alluring art style, multiple stories and an interesting perspective of solving stories with friends that will surely delight players.

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