5 best hiding spots in Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Uncommon Hiding Spots in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image Via YouTube)
Uncommon Hiding Spots in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image Via YouTube)

Roblox’s best horror game is Roblox Murder Mystery 2. The game comes under the most played games on Roblox as well. Created in 2014 by Nikilis, the multiplayer game can be played with 12 members connected to a single server.

Millions of players enjoy this horror survival game which involves one player being the murderer, one the Sherriff, and the rest being the innocent. The innocents have to hide from the murderer and survive the game.

The game is set in different places and players can choose their desired place to play from the map. These places have various mysterious hiding spots where players can hide if they are assigned the role of innocents.

This article focuses on the best hiding spots on some maps of Roblox Murder Mystery 2.

5 best places innocents can use to hide in Roblox Murder Mystery 2

1) Factory


Factory is one of the largest maps in Roblox Murder Mystery 2. There are various hiding spots on this map, but very few that are known to none.

This map is hard for the murderer, which is a relief for the innocents. The common hiding spots on this map are:

  • Behind the entrance, part connecting the office room outside.
  • In the room over the office room.
  • In a part of the conveyor belt.
  • In the room behind the steel wall of the sewer.

These are good hiding spots, but they have become quite common for gamers, and everyone knows about them. Here are a few hiding spots that no one quite knows about, hiding in these spots will benefit the player as the murderer is unlikely to know about their existence.

  • There is a secret room in the area where Nikilis is watching over and it's across from the furnace, a secret panel where players can go through.
  • Players can climb the tubes framing the doorway leading outside, and there is a platform in the corner where they can stand away from the murderer.

2) Police Station


Police Station is a large map containing a lot of places to hide. There are a number of rooms and various vents leading to these rooms and hallways around the map. Vents can be good places to hide from the murderer.

Some of the most common hiding places in the police stations are:

  • In the prison cells.
  • Behind the door in the offices upstairs.
  • In the vents, where innocents can easily shift when the murderer is close around.
  • In the shelves or the car.

These are pretty common places, but yet these places turn out to be hard to find for players who are new to the game. Players can also hide inside the toilets, behind the doors of the toilets (jump to get behind the door), and in one of the toilet stalls, a vent connects that bathroom to the other and many players don’t know about it.

Players can also hide on top of the shooting range bars or even inside a yellow car that is in the garage.

3) Workplace


Workplace is not a very large map, and is considered to be a medium-sized map. The map is easy for the murderer because it is not very large, and very hard for the innocents for the same reason. The map has kitchens, offices, working areas, and many hallways.

The map consists of a lot of dead ends as the player cannot escape when the murderer is chasing them. So it is better to hide on this map than to roam around and get caught.

Some of the best hiding places in the workplace for innocents to hide are:

  • Inside the fridge in the kitchen.
  • At the end of the long hallway there are boxes, behind that boxes would be a better place.
  • Behind the doors in the offices, players are not easily seen.
  • With the Sit Emote, players can hide behind the computer desks and under the tables as well.

Workplace is one of the oldest maps in the game, which is why it doesn’t have many places to hide.

4) Bank 2

Bank 2 is a remake of the old map “Bank." It is pretty difficult for the innocents to escape when the murderer is chasing them. The map consists of a waiting room, a lobby, a vault, a meeting room, a few offices, and air vents.

Secretive places to hide in Bank 2 of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via YouTube)
Secretive places to hide in Bank 2 of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via YouTube)

The map is quite confusing and some vaults also have moveable doors that take up to three seconds to open when the player pushes them. Though it is confusing, it has some good hiding spots for the innocents to stay safe.

The best hiding spots are:

  • In the closets of the waiting room
  • In the bushes that are placed in the meeting room
  • In the gaps between the cubicles and the walls
  • Behind the doors of the rooms
  • In the hallways near the stairs

· Behind the vault door, players can also climb up the climbable part when it opens up.

5) Mansion 2

Mansion 2 is also a remake of the old mansion map in Roblox. It is built in such a way that the map is fairly suitable for all the roles. It has been made larger than the old one and has more hiding spots for the innocents.

Hide in the most unpredictable places in the Mansion 2 of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via YouTube)
Hide in the most unpredictable places in the Mansion 2 of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via YouTube)

This map is considered one of the most favored maps as well. Some good hiding spots in Mansion 2 are:

  • Behind the cabinets and on top of the lights or shelves in the garage.
  • Behind the boxes in the kitchen.
  • Behind the doors.
  • Inside the cabinets in the lounge.
  • Behind the closet next to the garage.
  • Inside the refrigerator.
  • There is a small passageway between the bedroom and the lounge.

These are some of the best places to hide on different maps of Roblox Murder Mystery 2 where the murderer is not likely to find the innocents.

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