Top 5 scariest Roblox games in 2022

Roblox horror games are growing in popularity (Image via Roblox)
Roblox horror games are growing in popularity (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is not just about making friends virtually, buying clothes, or getting those exclusive accessories. For those looking for something other than raising pets in Pet Simulator or roller skating in Brookhaven, Roblox has a mind-blowing list of horror games that will leave its players screaming for good.

Experience the spine-chilling side of virtual gaming where everything is dark and gloomy, music that creates a sense of mystery, and stories that keep players yearning for the next chapter. Here's a list of five scary games that Roblox players can try out.

Five of the scariest games on Roblox

5) The Trespass


This horror game is all about getting out. Players start from an unknown location and have to find a way out. While that may seem easy and boring, the game mode is anything but mundane.

There are no clear instructions, and everything is a puzzle. The developers have spread the clues all across different places to add to the difficulty. Think rationally and maintain an impeccable survival instinct, as slowing down will give the monster its next meal.

4) The Rake Remastered

playing The Rake Remastered a game made by @ZRVVZ pretty spookyyyy ever since they implemented the sneaky rake#roblox #robloxart

This mode is for the Demon Slayer fans. The objective of this game is simple: survive until the morning.

The Rake is a huge humanoid antagonist that is out for blood. The game has many modes to choose from, depending on its unique settings and stats. Players can choose from daytime, nighttime, or Blood Hour modes, depending on what level of horror they're up for. The graphics in this game are fun, and the music fits perfectly as well.

3) Rickey Rat


With a charming smile, wide-eyed innocence, and a positive attitude, Mickey Mouse can be considered optimism incarnate.

This game mode changes all that with a reimagined "Rickey Rat." With great stories, graphics to die for, and above all, an amazing boss, this game is what every horror fan seeks. Everyone loves a badass villain that is all powerful and almost undefeatable, and this game delivers. Another fun part of this mode is the inclusion of ghastly red-eyed skull monsters.

2) Pinstripe Murders


This game is a graphical marvel, breaking away from Roblox's standard look and feel. This is a murder mystery game set in an estate. Players must discover and solve various murder mysteries while facing huge monsters. While the music is strange it fits well with this unconventional title. It gives the game a very dark vibe and elevates the entire experience.

1) The Mimic

The Mimic Book II (Chapter 1) All Monster Jumpscare #themimic #roblox

With its Japanese theme, this is the top game on the list. While schools are supposed to be the safest place, what if someone's friends disappear and they have no idea what to do?

Players will feel defeated and anxious, but there has to be a way out of this illusionary school that now feels like a maze. As players start discovering what happened to the others they will start running for their lives. Staying calm is the key to survival in this game. This title is perfect for those who love Anime, monsters, and Japanese flute music.

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