5 best Godly weapons in Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Top Godly weapon in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via Roblox)
Top Godly weapon in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 is a survival horror game created by Nikilis and is known for its powerful weapons. Players can choose their weapons from different categories like Batwing, Luger, Icewing, Godly weapons, and many more.

Different weapons can be obtained from certain codes provided by the developers or from various events that take place in the Roblox game.

Here's a look at the top 5 Godly weapons in Roblox Murder Mystery 2.

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Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Godly weapons that you need to get your hands on

What are Godly weapons, and how to obtain them

Godly weapons are one tier below Ancient weapons but are one tier above Legendary weapons. Even though Godly weapons are rare weapons, there are 73 different types of these weapons in the game, with 54 of them being knives and the remaining 19 being guns.

Godly weapons can be obtained from crates, game passes, events, and codes. Players can also get it by trading, crafting, or buying merch.

Here is a list of the top 5 Godly weapons, including guns and knives:

5) Eternalcane


Eternalcane is a Godly knife that was released on December 6, 2019, during a Christmas event. This weapon can only be obtained through trading as all the merch has been sold out.

The godly knife is also a third-tier set with Lugercane, forming the Eternalcane set (e-cane set). Eternalcane is one of the many candy-cane-themed weapons. Others include Lugercane, Peppermint, Candy, Minty, and Sugar. Eternals I through IV can be obtained similarly.

The Eternalcane is a combination of white, red, and gray knives with a face near the end of the blade with glowing blood-red eyes with a white dot in between them. The face at the bottom of the blade has six different horns and a mouth with white and red gems. The blade has many scratches as well as a candy pattern on it.

4) Candleflame


Candleflame sits in fourth place as a third-tier knife. Candleflame is a Godly weapon that was initially obtained by unboxing it from the 2021 Halloween Box during the 2021 Halloween event. However, as the event has ended, it can only be obtained by trading.

The Candleflame knife has a Chroma counterpart named Chroma Candleflame. The item was mass duped when it was released, which caused the developer of the game, Nikilis, to ban people with more than 10 Candleflame from them. This Godly knife was created by IDontHaveAUse.

The knife is a common variant from the Halloween Event 2020 under the name Candle. Candleflame, often referred to as “CF” by the community, has a black handle at the end shaped like an antique candlestick and a purple blade that resembles the frame of a candle, which justifies the name of the weapon.

3) Icebeam


Icebeam is another godly weapon that comes third on the list. It’s a second-tier weapon, which can be obtained by purchasing it individually from the Icebeam game pass for 1699 Robux (in-game currency). It could also be obtained from the Ice Bundle Pack for 3,399 Robux during the Christmas Event 2021.

The gun also has a partner knife called Iceflake. Both Iceflake and Icebeam are referred to as Ice Set 2021 or Icebeam/Iceflake Set by the Roblox community. This is the only Godly gun in the shop that has been available from season 1.

The Icebeam gun resembles a beam pistol with a frosty look to it. Icebeam’s thin barrel is encased in a thick frame with light snowflake patterns on the end of it.

The frame of the gun also has these snowflakes on it, but on the side where the hammer would be there’s a sharp crystal-shaped beam of ice. The handle also has a thick beam of ice attached to the end of the gun.

2) Swirly Gun


The Swirly Gun is also a third-tier godly weapon in the game. The gun can be obtained by unboxing the 2021 Christmas box or by trading. The swirly gun has a chroma counterpart called Chroma Swirly Gun.

It’s also a part of the set with the Swirly Axe, making it a Swirly Set. On the handle, there are red and white straps that overlap each other, resembling a candy cane. There is a circular candy with white and red stripes between the trigger and the blade.

1) Swirly Blade


The Swirly Blade is a third-tier Godly weapon in Roblox Murder mystery 2. It’s a knife and can be obtained by exchanging 100 gifts during The Christmas Event 2021. Exchanging ten gifts is equivalent to 100,000 tokens. Roblox players can also trade among themselves in exchange for the desired things they want in return.

The Swirly Blade knife has a gingerbread texture, with three peppermint candies added in the middle of it. There are sprinkles that are also scattered around the blade. The base of the blade has a gingerbread house carved on it.

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