5 best Roblox cooking games

Best Cooking Games on Roblox (Image via Roblox)
Best Cooking Games on Roblox (Image via Roblox)

Roblox provides games for game lovers to play the games online for free and for its users to develop the game. In this modern technology-driven world, playing games digitally has become a trend these days. The younger generation loves playing games on their mobile, PC, and other devices.

Interestingly, the developers of this platform develop the game and generate revenue from it. Some developers also donate the amount received to charity.

There are different kinds of people with varied ideas and talents. This online platform helps gamers and developers showcase their imagination and skills.


By developing various kinds of games, the developers offer the players to have fun with their friends and other players they meet online. The games have many different genres, from horror to dressing up pets, shooting enemies, and making pizzas for customers.

Having this wide variety also involves games that are usually loved by everyone, i.e., cooking games. Everyone has played cooking games once in their life. It gives a competing vibe in one and can be relaxing enough if one becomes a pro in it.

Roblox game developers have also developed these kinds of games. This article further discusses the most loved cooking games on Roblox that are also fun to play.

Roblox: Top cooking games that players must check out

5) Cooking simulator


The cooking simulator is an enjoyable cooking game to play on Roblox. Players can get their cooking stalls, compete for fresh food, make money by getting bigger plots and build successful restaurants.

The cooking simulator is overall an entertaining cooking game on Roblox. Although it is still undergoing beta testing and may have some bugs, the developers evened that out by adding pets. Pet abilities, pet treats, and recipes that many people seem to love.

Created in 2018 by The Cooking Boys, it is a multiplayer game and can be played by friends and other players online. Despite its errors, players love the game as it provides a comforting environment and is fun to play. The game's goal is to become a master, and the players have to prove themselves in the kitchen.

4) Cook Burgers


Even with such a simple concept, Cook Burgers can stand out from other cooking games on Roblox.

The main reason why this game stands out so much compared to others is that the developers focus on letting the player have the freedom to manage their restaurant. Basically, in this game, the players will be working their burger restaurant, and they will get to make their burgers.

Players also serve customers, wreck the whole place with their friends, find a strange position to play as a rat, and use a forklift to manage supplies. It is one of the most-looked games on Roblox and focuses a lot on restaurant management.

Playing games with the ability to learn some skills can be pretty cool and fun to have such an experience. Created by Sssqd in 2019, the game has some new updates available for its players.

Here's a tip for the players: the ingredients will only stick when they are on the plate. Press and hold β€œE” or hold the flip button to flip the thing the character is holding. Players can also get their VIP server for free!

3) Work at a pizza place


Work at a pizza place in a town and city RPG game. The job simulation was developed in 2008 by Dued1. The game promotes team spirit as the players have to work with a team to fulfill orders and use their earnings to upgrade their house and buy gear and furniture.

There are six jobs between which the players can choose: Cook, Cashier, Pizza Boxer, Supplier, Manager, and Delivery. The game's objective is to work at the pizza place and do either of the jobs mentioned earlier and get Moneyz (in-game money) from paychecks.

There are several things players can do like if they don’t want to work, they can take a break, explore other islands, go to other houses, play around with gear, and much more.

This is a fun game played by billions of players around the world. Players can also organize parties in their houses. Players can also buy and sell discounted items.

The game has gained immense popularity. It is loved by many because of its numerous features and the creativity of the developers for the players. Players can also stay updated by joining social groups of the game to have more fun.

2) Restaurant Tycoon 2


Despite this game being a tycoon, Restaurant Tycoon 2 is one of the best cooking games on Roblox. It focuses on recipes and cooking in general, but it also focuses on letting the player create their restaurant cafe or diner.

Players will be able to build their kitchen and become chefs, there are multiple menu items featured in the game, and players can cook a wide variety of things from pizza to pasta, burgers to hotdogs, and ice cream to candy. Mouthwatering, right?

The game was created in 2019 by @Ultraw. It also allows players to visit their friends and order from their menu. From lunch to dinner, breakfast to supper, everything is served here. All food lovers would love this game to increase their cravings.

Grab some snacks, have fun with friends, and create a memorable gaming session with them!

1) My Restaurant


Finally, at number one, we have, My Restaurant. If you are looking for a Roblox game that perfectly balances out managing a restaurant and has a lot of freedom to create whatever food one wants, then the game created in 2019, My Restaurant, is a perfect match.

In this game, players can buy powerful appliances, hire cook waders to unlock unique foods, decorate their restaurant, expand their business, exchange items in a global marketplace, and become rich individuals and run the best restaurant globally.

In addition, what makes My Restaurant such a great game is the quality. The developers put a lot of effort into making the game seem realistic, even if it is hard to achieve on a platform like Roblox.

Created by BIG Games, this game is not as buggy as other Roblox cooking games. The game features NPCs that can get a bit glitchy at times, but My Restaurant has decent NPCs behavior.

The developers put a lot of effort into creating an intelligent AI for the NPCs. Having millions of visits to the game makes the game popular like other games on the platform.

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