5 best Roblox games that should be played with a controller

Games on Roblox that you need to experience with a controller (Image via Roblox)
Games on Roblox that you need to experience with a controller (Image via Roblox)

Roblox offers a wide variety of games that provide controller support. Although one can find a list of all the games on Roblox that can be played with a controller, this article will go through the best games for a surreal gaming experience. Owning a controller for gaming will help players become extremely good, even at the toughest games.

Although games can be played through keyboard and mouse, some have controller support to offer an exceptionally immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking your gaming to the next level with a controller:

  1. It offers convenience and easy access to buttons that do not have you stuck to a gaming or work desk all the time. You can game from the comfort of your bed too.
  2. A controller aids in comfort because of the way it's built, offering easy access to buttons and switches.
  3. It offers an overall immersive gaming experience and is easier to master than a keyboard or mouse.

Best games on Roblox that should be played with a controller

5) Phantom Forces


Phantom Forces is a first-person shooter title that keeps players engaged and thrilled throughout the game. Developed by StyLiS Studios, the game now features a Mateba 6 revolver, ECR, Beowulf TCR, etc.

The 16v16 battle in 13 different locations and extensive use of weapons already make this a great game. Additionally, it is heavily inspired by the iconic Battlefield series and its popular multiplayer versions. It offers various game modes, such as Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, etc., which are extremely enjoyable when played with a controller.

4) Notoriety

Similar to Phantom Forces, Notoriety is also a first-person shooter game. Created by Brick_man, the game's objective is to carry out crimes, pull off heists, escape and destroy the police to become rich with a team comprising of four people each. Players can loot, steal, and try to unravel the various secrets of the criminal underworld.

Controller players will certainly have a great time with this one. Multiple reviews also say that players don't face much trouble using controllers, even on the PS4 for this game.

3) Tiny Tanks

Game "Tiny Tanks" recently uploaded a suspicious badge, the description reads:"Increase the chance of your kills spawning an egg from 2% to 10%"Badge Link:…#roblox #egghunt

This multiplayer fighting game on Roblox revolves around tanks and blowing them up in a fully destructible arena. Developed and created by Sharksie, Gusmanak, and NWSpacek in 2015, the game has gained immense popularity within the community. Tiny Tanks lets players take control of a tank and blast their way through different maps and game modes, making this a chaotic multiplayer shooter game.

One can invite other players to unlock new tanks and cool features in the game. With a maximum capacity of 12 players, this game can be played on Mac, Xbox One, and Windows.

2) Heroes

Heroes - RPG game (Image via Roblox wiki)
Heroes - RPG game (Image via Roblox wiki)

Created by Davidii, Heroes on Roblox is a medieval rogue-like based game that primarily revolves around an RPG element. Heroes allow players to explore the dungeons and fight off monsters in the game.

Players can attack their enemies by getting up-close-and-personal if they wield a melee weapon or face the enemy from a distance with a ranged weapon.

1) Reason 2 Die


Reason 2 Die, released in 2015, is a free Roblox game with the primary objective of surviving a zombie attack until a rescue boat or helicopter arrives. When that happens, players are supposed to defend the vehicle and board it until it leaves.

Zombies come into play when they disturb the players and distract or hinder them from completing the various tasks assigned to them. R2D is based on the incredibly popular 2008 zombie first-person shooter game called Left 4 Dead. PlaceRebuilder is known for creating this extremely popular and smashing hit zombie game.

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