Who is Squeezie? French YouTuber organizes an F4 racing event featuring 22 streamers

French YouTuber Squeezie hosted a Formula 4 racing event on Twitch (Image via Squeezie/Twitter)
French YouTuber Squeezie hosted a Formula 4 racing event on Twitch (Image via Squeezie/Twitter)

Popular French YouTuber Lucas "Squeezie" went viral after hosting a Formula 4 racing event on October 8 featuring 22 prominent streamers. The livestream on Twitch attracted more than a million viewers, with over 40,000 spectators present live on the circuit.

Squeezie first announced the event on September 29 and released a minute-long trailer. The teaser showcased all the streamers racing at the event. The translation for the announcement read:

"22 pilots; 11 stables; 1 big winner. Saturday October 8 live on my Twitch channel."
22 pilotes11 écuries1 grand gagnantSamedi 8 Octobre en direct sur ma chaîne Twitch 🏎️

A look into Squeezie's online career as he hosts an F4 racing event

Lucas Hauchard, popularly known as Squeezie, is a 26-year-old French YouTuber and content creator. He started his online career in 2011 and is still active to this day.

Lucas' YouTube channel mainly revolves around him playing numerous popular gaming titles and often collaborating with fellow content creators. He currently has more than 17.4 million subscribers, with a mind-boggling 9.3 billion channel views.

Last month, the content creator surprised the online community by revealing that he would host a Formula 4 racing event at the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, Sarthe, France.

Prominent streaming personalities who participated in the F4 event were:

  • Dobby, Deujna
  • Bibi, Prime
  • Valouzz, Depielo
  • Lebouseuh, Kaatsup
  • Xari, Domingo
  • Manon, Djilsi
  • Joyca, TheoBabac
  • Sylvain, Pierre
  • Sofyan, Seb
  • Etienne, Amixem
  • Gotaga, Squeezie
C’EST AUJOURD’HUI 🤯 #GPExplorerOn se retrouve à 8h-8h30 sur…

The French star's October 8 livestream took over Twitch as his broadcast became the most-viewed stream.

The 10-hour-long event averaged 404,429 concurrent viewers, with a peak viewership of 1,041,828. At the time of writing, the VOD (video on demand) amassed more than 12.4 million views.

Fans react to Squeezie's F4 Twitch event

Multiple clips were shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit after the Formula 4 race ended.

Esports personality and co-founder of Full Squad Gaming, Jake "JakeLucky" Sucky, shared a streaming moment on his Twitter handle, and it got a lot of traction:

French YouTuber Squeezie organized an event where 22 different streamers are racing eachother in F4 cars… The event has nearly 40,000 people in attendance and over 1 million watching on Twitch… wtf

Jake Lucky added that all the streamers were trained for six months and that Monégasque Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, was watching the GP4 stream from Japan:

All drivers trained 6 months in order to compete, and even Charles Leclerc was watching the stream from JapanInsane event idea

The reaction thread attracted more than 730 replies, with one Twitter user wondering how much the Formula 4 racing event would've cost:

@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie This is so insanely cool but I can’t imagine how much it cost to do this 😭

Another Twitter user expressed their happiness, stating that they liked content creators "pushing the space":

@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie Love creators pushing the space, W

A streaming community member suggested that F1 Esports should also host a similar motorsports event:

@JakeSucky @JustinTalksF1 @xSqueeZie I absolutely love the fact that he could get so many F4 cars, and the money to organize this.F1 Esports, or other virtual motorsports events should attempt this too.

A Twitter user @OTDM_ mentioned an organizer for the event claiming that it cost approximately €3 million to produce the Grand Prix:

@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie and they're even driving in Le Mans, most famous french racetrack. Crazy they got the weekend for themselves, I can't imagine the price for it all
@_niismo @JakeSucky @xSqueeZie The organizer said it, it costed around 3M€!

Here are some more relevant fan reactions from Twitter:

@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie Some streamers are doing some insanely creative content lately
@Luckyjust1y @JakeSucky @xSqueeZie french streamers actually do this kind of stuff pretty often, but it keeps getting bigger every year, so sad that the language barrier keeps people from enjoying those creative projects
@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie These creators organizing these events are unmatched bro. I wish to do something like this. Looks so much fun to do/watch
@JakeSucky @xSqueeZie 22 youtubers/streamers trained for 5 months at Le Mans (France🇫🇷) for this GP Explorer organised by @xSqueeZie .You can find a lot of vlogs of the trainings on YouTube. It was a huge evenement, we hope that today was only the begining of a lot of GP explorer in the future ! 🇫🇷🏎️

A streaming moment from the F4 event was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, which accrued more than 3,800 upvotes.

Here's what Redditors had to say:

matinée incroyable je sais même pas quoi dire je vis un rêve éveillé… ❤️ #GPExplorer

Following the spectacular conclusion to the F4 event, Squeezie took to Twitter to express his gratitude. He stated that it was an incredible morning, and that he's "living a waking dream."

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