“He’s built like SpongeBob” - Redditors ruthlessly roast xQc’s physique

Felix was inspired by Knut's workout at Camp Knut and exercised on stream (Image via xQc/Twitch)
Felix was inspired by Knut's workout at Camp Knut and exercised on stream (Image via xQc/Twitch)

Twitch superstar Felix "xQc" showed off his physique during a recent broadcast and a clip of it went viral on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail.

Redditors took the opportunity to ruthlessly roast him by writing a wide variety of jestful comments.

One Redditor made a remark stating that the Twitch star was built like SpongeBob, while another claimed that he's more similar to Squidward.

xQc showed off his leg muscles on stream, and fans roasted him on Reddit

During his livestream on August 3, the Canadian personality spent the initial hours reacting to the top posts on r/LivestreamFail and came across a clip featuring Norwegian bodybuilder Knut Spildrejorde doing a heavy leg workout.

Felix was impressed by Knut's workout at the 30-day long streamer fitness camp and soon noticed some viewers in the chat telling the former to hit the gym. xQc's response was:

"Jesus! When are you going to the gym? I go to the gym all the time, man! I'm at the gym all the time, what the f**k are you talking about?"

Timestamp: 00:22:22

Felix followed up by saying that his legs are jacked and asked his viewers if they have not seen it before. He said:

"Wait, guys, what are you talking about, man? Guys, everybody knows I have fat leg muscles. No? Want to see?"

After saying that, the former Overwatch pro got up from his chair and rolled up his pants to show off his thigh muscles and started stretching, squatting, and training on stream. After spending a few seconds exercising, he asked his viewers if they were happy and continued the conversation:

"You happy? You see... you guys see that f***ing absolute f***ing chonkers? You guys see how absolute that is; not normally. Chat, guys, guys, that is not normally. It is not normally! Dude, check the leg muscle. Holy! This is very, very insane! Chat, dude, that's crazy! Okay?"

The streamer's clip was a hit on r/LivestreamFail, and Redditors did not hold back from posting numerous witty comments. Some Redditors found it amusing that xQc's kneecaps were wider than his quadriceps.

The Redditor named u/stream_monster said Felix would be very attractive, unironically, if he focused on working out.

Another fan agreed with the Redditor's take and claimed that Felix has good genetics in terms of height, frame, skin, and hair.

Some fans joked that they were terrified and had to close the clip early.

Some Redditors compared xQc to the League of Legends champion known as Fiddlesticks.

Here are some more Reddit roasts:

xQc is the most popular English-speaking content creator on the purple livestreaming platform, and he has streamed for over 3,600 hours since the beginning of the year. He recently crossed a major milestone of having more than 11 million followers on his channel.

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