xQc responds to fans claiming he and other streamers are corroborating against fellow Austin-based creators

xQc reacts to Knut's clip and provides another take on the Austin, Texas streamers (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc reacts to Knut's clip and provides another take on the Austin, Texas streamers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Felix "xQc" spoke about the Austin, Texas-based streamers once more. This occurred after Norwegian bodybuilder Knut praised the hospitality offered by streamers like Mizkif, Tectone, Nmplol, and others during Camp Knut.

Felix was reacting to some of the trending posts on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail and came across Knut's viral clip in which the latter stated that every streamer in Austin had been respectful and nice towards him.

After watching the clip and reading some comments on the subreddit, the French-Canadian personality responded to fan claims that he and other streamers were corroborating against the Austin, Texas streamers.


xQc says he has first-hand experience of Austin, Texas-based streamers behavior

The Twitch sensation once again kindled a small controversy after seeing Knut praise some Austin, Texas-based streamers during a recent livestream. Felix did not agree with what the latter had to say and justified his stance by saying:

"People are inviting him for collab, okay? Of course, you're not going to see the possible negative side of anything. Dude, if you get invited for a collab, okay, you're not going to get smoked when you f***ing land the plane and you f***ing get there."

He further went on to say how the entire clip was "weird":

"Like, I don't know what the f**k- This is legitimately some flat Earther s**t, okay? I think this is a weird clip, this is a weird clip."

Following the initial statement, xQc read some fan reactions that and a comment made by Redditor u/HamstersAreReal in particular caught the streamer's eyes:

He responded to the fan's reaction by saying:

"People think that me, Greek, Macaiyla, Poke, and a various others are all cooperating, even though most of us don't even talk to one another, okay? We don't even talk to one another."

The 26-year-old gamer added more to the conversation and stated that the reactions from Redditors were weird:

"We're all cooperating a massive web of lies or some fabrication and we're on all the same page... We're all holding tight to this fake thing. I don't know like, what the f**k is all about. It's just weird."

(Timestamp: 00:24:13)

xQc argued further by saying that he has lived with other streamers in Austin, Texas for years and has had first-hand experience interacting with them:

"See, it's crazy that I was there physically for years and you act like you know more than I do? Right? As somebody who only sees the images when they're live on people's streams for a couple of hours at a time. It's so dumb, I don't know what the f**k that is."

Fans react to xQc's statements

The Twitch streamer's chat room was filled with a wide variety of reactions. While some viewers agreed with what Felix had to say, others stated that he was "farming drama." Here's what the Twitch chat primarily contained:

Fans in the Twitch chat reacting to the streamer's take (Image via xQc/Twitch)
Fans in the Twitch chat reacting to the streamer's take (Image via xQc/Twitch)

For some context, Felix dissed Austin, Texas, streamers last month by revealing that they were unwelcoming, hostile, and overly competitive. The statement resulted in a snowball effect, with some Twitch personalities like Mizkif responding to the former Overwatch pro's strong comments.

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