Why are xQc and Andrew Tate beefing? Breaking down the entire controversy

xQc and Andrew Tate beef is still raging on as Destiny and Ludwig weigh in(Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc and Andrew Tate beef is still raging on as Destiny and Ludwig weigh in(Image via Sportskeeda)

Andrew Tate and xQc's quarrel has been the talk of the streaming community since the two had a heated debate on Adin Ross' stream last week. Adin's decision to have the controversial "motivational speaker" and former kickboxer introduced the latter to a wide Twitch audience. It has also prompted many established streamers to give their opinion on Tate

Felix "xQc" was staunchly against Andrew Tate's sexist arguments and got increasingly emotional as the fight went on. The debate got pretty heated as both sides refused to agree on any subject. The incident blew out of proportion, grabbing the attention of multiple streamers such as Destiny, Hasan Abi and Ludwig, with each commenting on the debate.


Infamous for his sexist comments, Tate has been banned from Twitter multiple times. Safe to say, his debate with the Twitch giant xQc was a big deal, attracting a whopping 200K+ concurrent viewers. The two online personalities went head-to-head on several issues, primarily focusing on the topic of women and their role in relationships.

"Even the sexist shi*": YouTube streamer Ludwig weighs in on Andrew Tate

A brief overview of Andrew Tate


Andrew Tate's had quite a contentious life. The MMA star earned a lot of money from his webcam business and was a successful kickboxer, winning several accolades in the sport. He first came to prominence after making headlines during his time on the famous UK TV show Big Brother.

He was kicked out of the program after a video of him beating a woman surfaced on the internet. However, it was discovered that it was consensual and possibly lascivious. Tate got himself into hot waters on Twitter after posting controversial views about r*pe victims during the Harvey Weinstein s*x scandal. Read more about his life here.

Ludwig's take on Tate


YouTube streamers such as Destiny and Ludwig have publicly expressed their disdain for Tate in either their streams or videos. In his most recent Mogul Mail, a more intimate segment on YouTube where he opines on relevant social issues, Ludwig lambasted Tate and his ideology, deeming him a harmful influence on teenagers.

Ludwig starts by stating that Andrew Tate is single-handedly responsible for poisoning the minds of a huge number of people:

"Every couple of months I'll open up and roll my eyes at this stupid meme about how these four YouTubers ruined a generation of kids. As if a single person or even a group of people could ruin a generation of anything, I thought. Until I found out who Andrew Tate was."

Ludwig went on to explore all the shady proceedings going on in Tate's life, including the recent human trafficking allegations leveled against him by the Romanian authorities.

The streamer's problem with Tate involves him spouting his ultra masculine points during online debates. Sprinkled onto these statements is a bit of misogyny, which he calls "life truths." According to Ludwig, this is ostensibly a ploy to sell his millionaire lifestyle to teenagers and prompt them to buy a course from his website Hustler's University. The course is supposedly meant to help people replicate his lifestyle.

The YouTuber also denounced Adin Ross for agreeing to everything Tate said on stream:

"That stream was big and there was kind of a problem with it. Aden Ross said yes to every single thing Andrew Tate was spitting out, even the sexist shi*."

Recap of xQc vs Tate

xQc said something similar in the aftermath of the big stream, revealing that he became so agitated because everyone else kept agreeing with Tate:

"The problem with people that talk to this guy is that they don't go against his takes, they don't go against his beliefs. They just nod."

Without going into the details of what Andrew Tate stated in the debate, let's look at a few of his arguments that ruffled xQc's feathers.

Their first spat was born out of Tate claiming that women are inherently bad drivers. He then insinuated that his female partners were his property and compared them to his car. He extended the analogy by hypothetically not allowing his "women" to enter the club because that would be akin to leaving a car in an unsafe carpark.

xQc took issue with all of these points, especially the hypthetical situations that Tate kept bringing up, which emphasized the masculine "responsibility" of men to protect one's "woman."

The bickering and frustration between both parties made for a truly frivolous debate with no outcome. xQc's constant barrage of interruptions did make Andrew Tate angry enough to leave the discord call.

The polygamous British-American figure interestingly lives in Romania. He has even started a Twitch channel in the wake of his recent notoriety, something which Ludwig and Hasan both predicted. The issue of irresponsible platforming and propagating anti-woman narratives is at the heart of the debate surrounding Andrew Tate and xQc's beef.

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