WWE superstar John Cena's dream reportedly came true with the new Metroid Dread

It has appeared that John Cena had a wish for a 2D Metroid game (Images via WWE, Nintendo)
It has appeared that John Cena had a wish for a 2D Metroid game (Images via WWE, Nintendo)
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Metroid Dread has been a fantastic addition to the iconic gaming series and has received several accolades from fans and critics alike. Since its release in October 2021, the game has paid a great bit of tribute to older games that formed a staple of the series. While the game has been loved by many, it appears that it was something WWE superstar John Cena had always wanted.


The Metroid series is one of the older video game series with several games in the franchise. Metroid Prime is the most recent one that was released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. The game, in many senses, is closer to the older games due to how it works in general. It has now come out that John Cena had wished for such a game years before Metroid Dread even became a reality.

"John loves it": WWE superstar had a major fanboy moment when Metroid Dread was released

John Cena's love for video games is well-known, and he has a special place in his heart for older games on the Nintendo Switch. According to writer Dan Ryckert, John had been part of a promotion for the handheld console, where he had made a major wish.

During this photo shoot in 2017, Cena repeatedly told the Nintendo reps how much he wanted a new 2D Metroid. When Metroid Dread came out years later, he was sent a copy. Cena’s people sent an email back saying “John loves it.”

According to Dan's June 27, 2022 tweet, John had informed Nintendo officials during a photoshoot back in 2017 that he would love a brand new Metroid game that would be 2D. This shows the wrestler's knack for relatively older video game mechanics.

The photoshoot was part of the "Nintendo Switch in Unexpected Places" promotion in 2017. This was before the console's release, and Nintendo was actively promoting its upcoming product. Since its release, Nintendo Switch has had pivotal success with its hybrid build and ability to blend portability with larger screens if a player wants to do so.

Four years after John Cena made the wish, Metroid Dread became a reality, fulfilling what he had hoped for. Nintendo had also sent him a copy, and based on the PR's reply, Cena loved playing the game.


Metroid Dread has several positives, including the tribute it pays to the original games. Continuing in Samus Aran's shoes, players must explore the planet ZDR.

There is an emphasis on the action-adventure part as players explore the game's world in a side-scrolling manner. There are plenty of quests to do and enemies to kill throughout the game as the player explores the plot. Like John Cena, the game might have manifested the dreams of many players who love the older retro styles.

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