xQc and Aikobliss spotted together at Game 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup

xQc and Aikobliss were seen together at the NHL World Cup (Image via xqcow1 and aiko_bliss/Instagram)
xQc and Aikobliss were seen together at the NHL World Cup (Image via xqcow1 and aiko_bliss/Instagram)

Twitch streamer Félix "xQc" was recently spotted with fellow streamer Aikobliss during Game 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup at the Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida. The match was between the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers, and the pair could be seen watching the two teams duke it out from the front row seats of the audience.

This public appearance comes a few days after Aikobliss used the term "relationship" to describe her association with xQc, as part of a Just-Chatting stream where she spoke of a recent accident she had with the Canadian streamer.

Although the two have not officially announced anything, the use of the word "relationship" has been noted by many as a possible indication of something deeper.

Aikobliss and xQc watch the NHL Stanley Cup together

Felix and Aikobliss have been seen streaming together since 2023, and often roleplay in the Grand Theft Auto 5 NoPixel server. Since the start of 2024, the pair have also collaborated to produce Minecraft content. As part of their adventures within the game, the two made shelters and explored the nether together, with Felix teaching Aikobliss certain gameplay mechanics along the way.

Their public appearance has been a topic of discussion since images of the same appeared on X, attaining over 131,000 views on the platform. This comes after Félix's public breakup with his ex-girlfriend Adeptthebest. The two were also involved in a legal battle, with Adept wanting alleged "millions" to settle claims of him allegedly committing "family violence."

Even though the legal proceedings ended in favor of Félix, with no "probable cause" being found to charge him, a new update regarding the case was recently provided by the streamer. He stated that Adept had filed an appeal to review the judgment. However, as he was informed by his lawyer, it did not require him to be present.

In May 2024, xQc's ex-girlfriend Adeptthebest leaked an audio clip in which a conversation between her and xQc can be heard regarding Aikobliss. In it, Adept can be heard expressing her disappointment with Félix for his in-game "relationship" with Aikobliss and him going on a "date" with the creator.

xQc tried to explain the situation by passing off Aikobliss as "a roleplayer" at the time. Adeptthebest was also upset that Félix had donated a "hundred subs" to Aikobliss as a gift. At the time, Aikobliss had called their association as being "just friends."

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