"What the f**k?": xQc finds a new Overwatch 2 map exploit

xQc finds an interesting way to bypass half of the map in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc finds an interesting way to bypass half of the map in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch star Felix "xQc" has been streaming the closed beta of Overwatch 2 over the past few days.

He was one of the first few content creators to get early access to the exclusive closed alpha test before the public could even play it. Felix has been streaming Overwatch 2 content since April 26 and has found several new things in the game.

One of the more fascinating things that he discovered was an exploit for the Colosseo map that enabled the streamer to bypass half of the map.

After he discovered this amazing exploit, xQc loudly declared:

"What the f**k?"

xQc finds an exploit on the new Colosseo map in Overwatch 2

The former Overwatch professional player has been livestreaming the sequel to the most anticipated hero-based first-person shooter game since its closed beta kicked off.

During a recent live stream on April 27, 2022, xQc played as the support hero Mercy on a new map called Colosseo.

Colosseo is a map based in Italy and is a "Push" style map. One side of the team needs to push the objective to the end, while the other side needs to defend it.

The Canadian streamer was on the attacking side, where he had to push the objective to its final destination.

Timestamp: 10:25:09

While he was pushing the objective and supporting his team members by healing them and amplifying their damage output, xQc found himself getting caught out. He disengaged by breaking off the fence in-game.

Mercy has a special ability that enables her to fly in-game. Using this ability, the Twitch streamer was able to safely relocate to a safe spot in the game by skipping parts of the map.

After realizing what he had just discovered, xQc exclaimed:

"Guys, I think I invented a new... this is like... I just made some new f***ing tactic."

His teammates were curious to know what the streamer had discovered. xQc answered by saying:

"I just flew across the whole map and I saved myself from dying."

The FPS gamer was impressed by his findings and said:

"That was insane!"

The round of the competitive game went into overtime as the streamer's team tried to make a final effort to win the game. The Canadian streamer won the match, following which he rewatched a clip of the newly discovered exploit.

He continued to stream for an hour more.

Fans react to streamer discovering an exploit in Overwatch 2

Fans on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail were dazzled to see how he managed to find a way to break things up in-game.

The streamer's fans applauded his agile thought process.

Many Redditors failed to differentiate Overwatch 2 from its prior version.

Some fans speculated that the game's fault was due to Activision Blizzard. They stated that the corporation forced its developers to release a sequel to one of their best-selling titles.

A few Redditors thought that the heads-up display (HUD) looked worse than the game's first version.

Felix is a former Overwatch pro who played as the Main Tank for the Dallas Fuel team during the first phase of Overwatch League Season 1.

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