xQc left stunned after getting hit by a blue shell and losing a race in Mario Kart 8

xQc loses a race in Mario Kart 8 in the most unexpected manner (Images via xQcOW/Twitch)
xQc loses a race in Mario Kart 8 in the most unexpected manner (Images via xQcOW/Twitch)

Felix "xQc" was seen playing a variety of games during a recent livestream. One of the games that the streamer ended up playing was the fun go-kart racing game, Mario Kart 8.

Playing with his friends on stream, xQc managed to end one of the races in the most comical fashion, where a blue shell knocked over the streamer while he was in seventh place. This incident left the streamer in complete shock.

xQc gets hit by a blue shell in Mario Kart 8 and loses a race

The broadcaster had begun his daily livestream and was in for about three hours before diving into the racing world of Mario Kart. The streamer had reacted to a bunch of videos sent to him by his viewers and had a look at some indie titles on Steam before switching.

Soon after playing some games on Steam with his viewers, he hopped on his Nintendo Switch console and joined a voice party with his streamer friends. After playing Mario Kart for around an hour, the streamer faced a hilarious incident that left him in shock.

He was completing the final lap of the kart course called Sky Garden and was in seventh position. Luckily, he found the Golden Mushroom powerup and wanted to zoom through the finish line. Unexpectedly and out of nowhere, he was struck by a blue shell, which stunned the in-game karting character.

The streamer was overtaken by a couple more competitors almost immediately, placing him in the eleventh position. Gasping in shock about the entire ordeal, the content creator failed to process the hilarious yet surprising ending of the race, considering that he was in seventh place and wasn't the leader of the race.

Trying to explain to his viewers, the Canadian streamer mentioned:

"Okay, so some guy runs off the map entirely, right? Off the map. I don’t see him anymore. Then I get hit by an invisible shock wave and he spawns in front of me. What?! How does that make any sense?"

Moving forward, the streamer loaded into the Tokyo Blur course, where he still seemed a bit confused about the incident prior to the race.

Fans react to xQc getting hit by a blue shell at the last moment in Mario Kart 8

Fans and viewers on Reddit seemed to be taken aback as well after seeing how the streamer was struck down in-game. Some poked fun at him, while others gave more in-depth explanations about the incident.

The streamer and former Overwatch professional player continues to dominate the streamer charts on Twitch as he reigns as the number one streamer on the purple platform. Being followed by more than ten million people, he averages around seventy-thousand concurrent active viewers on his channel on a daily basis.

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