"I don't give a f**k about your song": xQc hilariously rages at a viewer's message as he speedruns Minecraft

xQc rages at a viewer's request (Images via xQcOW/Twitch)
xQc rages at a viewer's request (Images via xQcOW/Twitch)

Felix "xQc" returned to playing and speedrunning one of his favorite games, Minecraft. As he was trying to set a new record for speedrunning the game, the streamer received a donation message from a viewer asking him to listen to a fellow Twitch streamer's, Pokelawls', new album and react to it while he played the game.

Almost instantly failing to set up a possible speedrun, the former Overwatch professional player ended up dying in-game in one of the most hilarious fashions. Visibly annoyed by the viewer's donation message, the streamer went into a bout of rage and shouted at the viewer by saying:

No! No! I don't give a f**k about your song.I dont give a f**k about any f***ing song man..."

xQc fails to set a speedrun record in Minecraft and rages at a viewer's donation message

VOD for the clip begins at 02:35:36

The streamer had been livestreaming for around a couple of hours. Playing Minecraft for an hour, he attempted a number of runs, all of which resulted in him not reaching the mark.

One of his runs turned out to be good where he got a lucky Minecraft seed. While attempting to push his luck in the Nether, the streamer received the following donation message from a viewer:

"Hey xQc, could you listen to Poke's album while you speedrun? Would be dope, much love <3."

Within the next few seconds, xQc ended up dying in-game to the mobs present in the Nether. Annoyed by this, he slammed his desk a number of times and expressed his frustration.

Directly calling out the viewer and his request, he continued to be enraged and started to imitate the viewers, he said:

"Listen to this song, watch this video, promote my gamba (gambling), come to my Instagram, suck my b**ls. No, I dont give a f**k b**ch a**, Iā€™m playing a f***ing game b**ch, f**k! I am so done with this bulls**t man! F**k man, I am trying to play the game man!"

He then tried to justify his angry reaction by saying that he was trying to learn and perfect the game in order to hit a record. He mentioned:

"Dude, dude, I am trying to learn the game and learn the runs again and you are talking about some bulls**t that I dont give a f**k about, man!"

He realized that he had been too rude to the viewer and apologized for the strong words used against them. He sought an apology by saying:

"Oh my god, I am sorry, I'm sorry, I donno, I am sorry dono man. Iā€™m sorry, oh my god! I am sorry."

xQc hopped back into the game trying to set a potential record. He was seen streaming for the next seventeen more hours during which he played Mario Kart 8, WWE, and Overwatch.

Fans react to xQc raging at a viewer's donation

Viewers and audiences on Reddit ironically mentioned that the streamer is one of the most sane Minecraft speedrunners on the platform, making jokes at him getting angry easily when he dives into playing the game.

The Canadian streamer remains one of the top content creators on the platform, ranking at the top of the streamer charts. He is backed by a massive following of 10 million people and averages around 69k viewers per stream.

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